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Swimming is a Collection of Both Good and Bad Habits

Swimming is a Collection of Both Good and Bad Habits

Once you get to the level of college swimming everyone wants to get better and faster and will put in the work. At that point, if performances aren’t what they should be, then the coach needs to take 50-80% of the responsibility. As a young swimmer its more like 80-90% responsibility on the swimmer to do things correctly and perform. As you get older your training needs to be more specialized for you and if you cannot perform, even if you are doing everything correctly, then it’s a coaching flaw. Swimming is a Collection of Both Good and Bad Habits.

Let’s have a look at 5 most Common mistakes done by swimmers:-

1.Avoiding hard work.

Again we saw some swimmers are searching for miracle supplements, some miracle workouts and products. It is funny to watch them because only hard work pays you good results and for shortcuts sometimes they select the wrong way that is “Doping”, So “BE CAREFUL”. We can have the fruits of  success and put in the bare minimum. If only. As I said above we can’t have success without the hard work that comes with it, so stop looking around for Unnecessary stupid and time wasting things.

2.Unnecessary negativity in mind.

As we know Negativity in mind enhance negativity, and this goes especially for newbie swimmers “how they talk to themselves”. If you are constantly pounding yourself with negative criticism like  “Very hard for me” “it is impossible for me” “I couldn’t do it!”  and many swimmers wallowing in past mistakes and this is Unnecessary we know because we can only make our past bright not past. Sometimes things do not go according to your plan, Just refuse to sink into an endless cycle of the dwelling but learn a lesson from that and move on.

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3.Staying in your comfort bubble.

Negative people tend to fear change. Even if they aren’t happy with their current circumstances, instead of thinking “things could get better,” they believe that change is always for the worst.  Change is frightening.

  • It’s weird, new, foreign and as we stand on the precipice of growth and change we feel the tug back to familiarity and comfort.
  • Our bad habits stick around for as long as they do not necessarily because they give us pleasure or make us feel good, but because they are familiar, comfortable.

4.Staying with a “NEGATIVE CROWED”.

A negative person doesn’t like to admit when they’re wrong. Even when it’s clear that they’ve made a mistake, a negative person will blame others for something that is really their fault.

  • They may not be overtly negative, but the effects they have on you are.
  • Successful swimmers hang with those that will further their process, those that are invested in their success, and who support their growth and aspirations.
  • Life is too short to be spent with naysayers who promise to be out for your best interests but only serve to knee-cap your self-belief.

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5.Avoiding bad performance for your swimming.

This is one of the bad habits among swimmers, We didn’t always cross our best times at the championship meet due to some reason. And also Coach’s taper did not work as well as it should have. And after competition swimmers don’t want to accept his performance, he just tries to ignore which is wrong way to accept the result, we have to learn our mistakes from every result.

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