How to stay Hydrated During Swimming Workout

how to stay hydrated

Drinking fluids during practice is very important, yet many swimmers save drinking for after practice. When you prepare in the heat of summer, proper hydration is incredibly valuable to your training. Many sportsmen remember to drink fluids during exercise, but may forget to hydrate outside of the pool. Hydration is incredibly important to any sport, in particular swimming as it can often be overlooked. To make long-term changes in your hydration state, drinking water needs to be an integrated part of your complete day. Let’s discuss a couple of key methods to keep your fluids up and your performance at its maximum. All the experts and all the science points to the importance of drinking fluids during practice, especially if muscles are to perform their best and the body can endure the demands of a long practice. swimmers can drink and stay hydrated with plain water.

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  • When you wake, your body is already dehydrated from several hours without drinking. Have a tall glass of water first thing in the morning. whether you have got a training that morning or not. Even when you do not feel parched, drinking water is essential. By the time you feel thirst, your body is already dehydrated by 2-3% and you’re behind on your fluids. This may not look like very much, but researchers have found that light dehydration leads to tiredness, stress, problem in memory jobs, and pressure. Stay ahead of your hydration by starting your day with water.
  • stay hydrated using this chartSportsmen are better at hydrating during training, it feels more natural to keep your fluids up as you sweat in dry-land or have a tough set in the pool. Swimmers should bear in mind that the volume of fluid they lose through perspiration in the pool can be much higher than it appears. The body is fooled into feeling more hydrated than it is, just because it is surrounded by water. Following exercise, drink water with your recovery snack within half an hour. Water flushes out toxins and helps flush out extra acid from muscles in the body post-exertion. A simple method to keep this habit will be to refill the water bottle used in practice and continue to drink from it right later.

Some Key Points to Remain Hydrated


  1. Drink liquids during the day! Bring a refillable bottle with you everywhere. You will be more likely to drink water if you get in this habit. 
  2. Drink liquids during training. Whether you are a beginner and drinking water, or at a more top-notch level and have a well thought out training, you should be ingesting 15-30oz of liquid/hour of tough training.


  3. Drink liquids after training. I would recommend using a 34oz bottle and a recovery formula, protein bars. This ensures you are getting the carbohydrate and protein you need for recovery, along with an adequate amount of water. The last thing you want to do is have something so dense or thick that you further your dehydration.

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