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Some Great And Simple Exercises For Backstroke Swim

Some Great And Simple Exercises For Backstroke Swim Drills
Some Great And Simple Exercises For Backstroke Swim drills

Do you know swimming on your back is easier than other 3 strokes? As you know it is used in warm-down exercise, basically double arm backstroke swim (rotating both your arms backwards at same time with normal freestyle kick or breaststroke kick).

In free, breast and fly we can see our hand movement during pull or power phase but in backstroke it is almost impossible to see our hand movement during power phase, because they are out of our visual field. To improve your style it is important to learn some exercise to how to breathe at the right time.

I am going to share some simple exercise that can help you to improve your swim stroke very fast. You can take 20sec rest between one lap and the next.

1. Using a kick board

 Holding a kickboard in your hand lying on your back with your arms extended is the first step and after that just swap hands after every stroke.

2. One Arm Drill

In this drill, swim the backstroke using only one hand and keep your other arm alongside your body.

3. Backstroke Legs

Swim Backstroke and add a breaststroke kick at the end of each set of arm strokes.

4. Bottle on forehead drill

It is one of my favorite Drill to learn the correct head position during backstroke, in this drill what you have to do is swim backstroke with a Bottle(30% filled with water) placed right in the middle of your forehead and making sure that bottle does not fall off.

So, this was the first part of exercises and next part will be uploaded shortly.

Thank you and happy learning!

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