Powerskin Carbon-Ultra – New Generation swim suit

The Powerskin Carbon-Pro reinvented the style as well as manufacture of competing swimsuit by integrating a carbon fiber cage right into the suit’s woven fabric material, including an entire brand-new measurement to the principle of compression by making the most of support and control when and where it’s required. This idea of Intelligent Compression was the bedrock on which the brand-new Powerskin Carbon series was constructed, and subsequent launches maintained it as an essential feature, adapting the modern technology to the requirements of every swimmer with the Carbon-Flex (2014), and the fabric material carbon configuration in the case of the Carbon-Air.

Complying with unmatched success of the carbon swimming suits at swimming’s largest competitions, arena’s R&D team group along with in addition to its worldwide clinical network – decided it was time to seek one more radical change in swimsuit design. To do so they transformed their focus from exterior to interior factors, to the core of carbon modern technology, analyzing how the makeup of the internal elements of the suit could possibly maximize the performance of the swimmer’s actions in the water, beyond the existing advantages of Intelligent Compression.

The outcome of these initiatives is the Powerskin Carbon- Ultra, which includes a new level of support and motion management with an internal framework, designed to optimize the professional athlete’s physiology. By linking essential muscle groups and separating upper as well as lower body movements, this advanced system enhances the swimmer’s performance as well as enhances their body position in the water. And by targeting particular compression zones, it even more sustains and improves the body to minimize turbulence and drag.

On top of that, the suit’s external shell integrates a ULTRA-CAGE with three times more carbon compared to previously, improving the range’s hallmark intelligent compression without endangering grasp and also flexibility of motion.

Ultra-Compression Panels are created to collaborate with the outside Ultra-Cage fabric to provide targeted areas of additional compression on the inside of the swim-suit, supporting essential muscles and straightening them with the direction of motion.

This motion isolation boosts athlete performance by permitting them to pivot mid-stroke with marginal additional rotation or loss of body position in the water. Therefore, the core body position remains steady even as the upper body rotates and bends throughout the stroke.

The multi-layer panels likewise improve body shape, maintaining it steady and high in the water, which consequently minimizes drag and reduces water resistance, particularly in areas normally susceptible to turbulence. These elements all contribute to maximizing the swimmer’s performance.


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