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Piano Drill: Master Your Butterfly

Piano Drill: Master Your Butterfly Butterfly Swimming and Dolphin Kick
Butterfly Swimming and Dolphin Kick

In Butterfly swimming the most important part is the technique, so the first step to swim a fast and smooth fly is to learn: how to move your body, have a relax and powerful stroke and a strong flexible kick. In order to perform great butterfly technique, a swimmer not only needs great conditioning but also perfect timing and perfect knowledge. Great swimming technique for butterfly also requires minimizing the frontal drag forces.
Frontal drag in the butterfly increases significantly when the front breath is taken, caused by a shift from a horizontal to a more vertical body position in the water. The more vertical the body, the greater the frontal drag force. To lessen the frontal drag in butterfly, one of the favourite swim drills ” the butterfly Piano drill”. With drill, swimmers can learn to keep their shoulders lower and elevate more with their necks to get the breath, resulting in a faster and easier butterfly technique.

“Your arms enter the water at the end of the recovery in front of your head. Your arms are either completely straight or slightly flexed at the elbows. During the entry your arms should be about shoulder width apart or slightly less. Your palms are facing downwards and maybe also a little bit outwards”

Piano Drill: Master Your Butterfly


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