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Open Water Swimming Workout in a Pool

Open water Swimming workout

The open water swim workouts is ver mutual to the triathlon training workouts. Only Difference is that In open water swimming There involves longer distances with respect to triathon. Most of the triathlon swims are at 1.2 miles or less than 1.2 miles But the open water Swimming workouts also include long distance training.

The best Workout for open water swimming is actually swimming in open water But The pool is a kind and controlled environment and it is not possible to experience the open water swimming in a pool. But It is true that sometimes it is not possible to go for training in open water due to nature cause like :- location,weather or may be access. The workouts are also great for a swimmer that does not have previous experience in open water.

In this Open Water Swimming workout you will have to swim a variety of drills to help and develop sighting techniques and a strong breathing pattern.  In Open Water Swimming Workout some of the Drills are used in the triathlon workouts.

Bilateral breathing(Breathing both side) is important for open water swimmers and will help with positioning during the race and right position in open water is most important.

This Open Water Swimming workout has total Distance 2000-yard, so let’s get start!


  • Start with 200 yards freestyle warmup
  • 8 x 50 yards alternating lengths with 1 normal swimming, Do 1  head out of water(making resistance) , Use Break 50s into 25 yards with head out of the water and 25 normal swim
  • 2x 250 alternating breathing pattern (Bilateral breathing), Do 25 yards breathing every Sixth stroke and reduce stroke count by 1, like:- 50 yds every 5th stroke bilateral breathing, 75 yds every 4th stroke, 100 yds every 3rd stroke.
  • 8 x 50 yards sighting every 3rd or 4th stroke, rest time :-15 between 50s
    (get into a pattern of breathing every 4th stroke and sighting on a landmark)
  • 2 x 150 crawl with breast stroke every 6th stroke and in this you have to do switching from crawl to breast stroke every 8th stroke
  • And After all this you know warmdown is important as warmup so do 200 freestyle warmdown with bilateral breathing.



I hope you will like this 1st stage of Open Water Swimming Workout.

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