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How to Improve Your Freestyle Using Some Top Drills

Acquiring swimmers to modify their stroke rates can be difficult. However, we know that up to some vital rate, escalating the stroke rate will boost the velocity, swimmers seem to be either reluctant or unable to alter it. Experiment with distinct hand configurations and pay attention to resistance, turbulence, and the other sensations your fingers knowledge. Your objective is to continuously come to feel no matter whether your hand is oriented appropriately. Here are some Most effective Freestyle swimming drills.

1. Butterfly with freestyle kick:

It forces a swimmer to get out of stop-and-go slow-turnover freestyle and onto the freeway. Swimming with the flutter kick, use the dolphin kick with freestyle. However, it should be completed with a single kick per a single arm stroke. Most swimmers especially those with slow turnovers will try out to throw two dolphin kicks in per stroke, but that doesn’t minimize it. Use fins if needed to slow the kick down a bit, but be positive to get a single arm stroke per kick. That will force you into a faster stroke rate and up the velocity curve, hopefully onto the freeway. As soon as you get the hang of it, you will come to feel the sync or groove and it truly will get quite comfortable. But there is just one pace, fast. You are not able to do this drill in the slow movement.

2. High elbow drill:

freestyle drillSwim with a single arm at a time but positioned relatively on your side, like you would be if you have been rotating your body accurately. Preserve the arm that is not pulling above your head so you keep a streamlined position. Now as soon as the pulling arm enters the water the arm need to be completely extended at the entry point… not the outdated fashioned way of entering hand into the water over your head with a bent elbow and sliding the hand forward initiate the pull by pushing down with the hand but trying to keep the elbow stationary. This generates the sensation that you are lifting your body up in the water. In other words you want the forearm to drop down till the hand is practically directly below the elbow, then push the hand and forearm straight back with the high elbow. This is neither a comfortable nor natural arm motion for us. In reality, you will probably feel downright awkward performing it. Do not forget, the purpose is not to obtain power, but to minimize drag. You will also discover you need to pull wider than normal pull in order to complete the high elbow.

3. Hand Jive

Paying attention to your hands enables you to immediately notice and appropriate any difficulties while you swim. Due to the fact these drills are about developing sensitivity in your hands, they don’t require you to move your entire body. You can do them while swimming, standing, or even soaking in the hot tub!

Hand jive drills consist of swimming arm motions with:

  • Hands in a fist, or holding a tennis ball in your palm
  • Fingers bent
  • Hands knifing through the water with the pinkie finger leading the way
  • “Live long and prosper” Vulcan salute or all fingers spread wide


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