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Hey Swimmer! Wanna Swim Fast?

Hey Swimmer! Wanna Swim Fast?

If you want to be the fastest swimmer or wanna swim fast, you have to work on improving your technique and your mental game. Practice and determination are key. The most important thing, though, is to get the technique down. Without proper technique, what is the point of practicing?

Improving Your Technique with these:

  1.  Decrease your drag.
  2. Improve your balance.
  3. Kick efficiently.
  4. Improve your propulsion.
  5. Don’t forget your core muscles.
  6. Maintain a neutral head position.
  7. Spread your fingers when you swim.
  8. Approach walls quickly.
  9. Dolphin kick under the water.
  10. Develop a structured routine.

Decrease your drag.

How to reduce frontal drag, Frontal Drag is the common word used in swimming because at beginners stage it’s a very common issue among swimmers that how they can reduce “Drag”(Frontal Drag) to maximize their speed? but before all this stuff each and every swimmer have complete knowledge about Drag and Dragging forces.Swimmers often focus on swimming as fast as possible, not swimming with the least amount of drag. Drag is the resistance your body has against the water. Remember that it takes true skill, not just force, to bring down that drag. There are many ways to decrease your drag, such as improving your balance or swimming taller.

Swim Fast #2-Improve your balance.

This is a great way to decrease your drag. To stay balanced, maintain a position that is as horizontal as it can possibly be as you move through the water. This will make it so that the least amount of water gets in your path, slowing you down. This is especially important for the freestyle stroke, where you have to keep yourself from lifting your head too much, which disrupts your balance, so you have to kick harder to counterbalance.

Swim Fast #3 Kick efficiently.

When you kick, you shouldn’t break the surface of the water or move your legs too low below the body line—it all goes back to maintaining balance. If you do this, you’ll be off balance, creating more drag

Swim Fast #4 Improve your propulsion.

This does not mean you should focus more on strength than skill. Remember that about 10% of your speed comes from your arms, while the rest comes from your legs, so you should focus on kicking hard and making sure your arms don’t slow you down, but instead help propel you forward faster.

Swim Fast #5 Don’t forget your core muscles.

The core is made up of your back, hip, abdomen (abs), and torso muscles, and it’s especially important to use it when you’re rolling from side to side. Making use of those muscles will help you swim more cleanly and more quickly, though it may feel a bit awkward to place more emphasis on your core instead of your arms and legs, at first. Try purposefully tensing them up to keep your body straighter, too.

Swim Fast #6 Maintain a neutral head position.

To swim as fast as possible, aim to have a neutral head position throughout your stroke. Keeping your head positioned this way reduces drag and makes strokes more efficient. If your head isn’t centered, you’ll be swimming to one side. Incorrect head position may be the reason you feel you are “sinking” because of lowered hips or muscular legs. You should be looking down, not up or forward, to keep your body as horizontal as possible in the freestyle position. To keep your head and eyes down, keep your neck relaxed; this will keep your lower body higher in the water.

Swim Fast #7 Spread your fingers when you swim.

By spreading your fingers slightly, instead of clamping them together, you create an “invisible web” that can help exert 53% more force! The ideal spacing is 20-40% of the diameter of the finger. Though this will not make as big of a difference as the other steps, together it will help to make you faster

Swim Fast #8 Approach walls quickly.

A lot of swimmers think of the walls as a comfy little resting place, even if they’re only “resting” there for a fraction of a second. However, if you want to swim faster, then this absolutely cannot be you. Approach the wall quickly, with your head down for at least two strokes in all of the strokes you’re swimming except the breaststroke. This will help you get the lead you may need to beat your best race time—and the swimmers in the other lanes

Swim Fast #9 Dolphin kick under the water.

If you’re already using a powerful kick, you can go even faster by dolphin kicking off the wall. Dolphin kicking off the wall can make you go even faster, and having a strong underwater kick can increase your lung capacity. You may want to talk with a coach about this, because some swimmers go faster with long underwater kicks, and some don’t, but some good general advice is to stop dolphin licking and surface once you physically feel you self slowing down, or if you reach the 15 meter or yard marker

Swim Fast #10 Develop a structured routine.

If you’re part of a team, then the coach will provide a structured routine for you. But it’s always good to have your own routine as well, for personal practice. Having a routine that has elements of aerobic exercise, (which means swimming for longer) as well as a moderate endurance workout (which focuses on mid-distance and moderately hard swimming) can help you get faster. Your workout should have several elements but the main part should focus on endurance, speed, and muscular endurance. Here’s an example of a structured workout you can try:

  • 10-15% spent on an easy warm up (4 x 100 easy swimming with 20 seconds of rest between each distance)
  • 10-20% spent on drills and kicking (8 x 50s as an alternating drill, with 1 kick with 15 seconds of rest)
  • 40-70% spent on the main set (6 x 200 with 30 seconds of rest or 12 x 100 with 15 seconds of rest)
  • 5-10% spent on cooling down (easy 100s)


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