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How to Add Extra Energy to your Competitive Swimming

How to Add Extra Energy Why Do Athletes Need Protein In Their Diet?to your Competitive Swimming

Competitive Swimmers spend most of the time in the water for training or competing. Although the Swimming pools’ water is heated in most cases, it is still important for swimmers to get the enough amount of energy for heating the body. According to Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) :- if planning to go Swimming pool for training later in the day its best to try to eat a healthy exercise-friendly meal 2/3 hours before you go. This means keeping your protein and carbohydrate levels high on roughly a 60:40 ratio.

A diet rich in carbohydrates (whole grain loaves of bread, green vegetables, beans and sweet potatoes, Eggs, Milk, Nuts, Fruit, Soy products, Whole grains, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Beans) and protein will provide the Right amount of energy you need to perform at your best. I think Competitive Swimmers should not eat food that contains fat in excess. The meat you eat be of fine quality contains low-fat, so you should go for white meat instead of red meat. When it comes to drinks, try to eliminate juices rich in sugars and carbonated drinks. Drink tea, water.

Start The Training Session With 100% Fueled

A lot of swimmers go to morning training session on an empty stomach with glycogen levels low due to overnight fasting. The following high-carb options are an excellent way to start the Training Session:

  • Bread Toast, jam
  • fruit juice
  • Banana, berries, and low-fat yogurt
  • High-carb bars
  • Energy chews
  • Cold or hot cereal with fruit
  • Low-fat or skim milk
  • French toast with maple
  • Breakfast burrito (scrambled eggs, salsa, and low-fat cheese in a whole wheat tortilla)
  • Muffin with jelly/peanut butter
  • Small roll or sandwich made with banana and honey


Role Of Hydration

Good hydration has huge impacts on physical skills as well as mental skills during Training session. Sports drinks or some time Energy drinks are recommended for an intense Swimming Training session while water is great during a recovery or an easier session. In regards to caffeinated drinks such as Redbull,coke it’s best to recommend that these should be avoided as caffeine is a diuretic and it is important to watch the sugar intake.

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Before Exercise  

  •  Drink about 500ml of fluid 2 hours before the training session to allow time for any excess to be lost in sweating and urine.
  • Then drink a further 125-250ml immediately before the training session.

After Exercise 

  •  It is recommended that Competitive swimmers should consume 150% of the amount of fluid lost during exercise to allow for the fluid that is naturally lost from the body via Sweating and urine.

For example, if you have lost 1L of fluid, you need to drink 1.5L fluid.

Recovery Snack Options for Swimmers

The afternoon snack contains fresh seasonal fruits. fruit salad from several different compatible fruits is a good idea. Make sure that you eat nuts too because they are a small package of high-quality fats which must be consumed in order to improve your swimming performance. Some Best Snacks are :- Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Salted pretzels, Energy gels, Energy chews, Fresh fruit, Low-fat chocolate milk, Protein bars, Low-fat cheese, High-carb bars etc

Recovery Meal Options Swimmers

Eggs, Milk, Nuts, Fruit, Soy products, Whole grains, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Beans  

I Recommend these two books for better diet Plan

  1. Swimming Made Easy- Beginner and Expert Strategies
  2. SWIMMING VEGAN Diet: Includes 50 Vegan Recipes for your GREATEST Performance



Bonus Topic:-

Does Creatine Improve Swimming Performance?

Yes, Creatine is a great way to get more out of your workout and build muscle. But is it appropriate for swimmers???

With no doubt, Competitive Swimmers need immense muscular strength and endurance for their best result. Not much research has been conducted to date, so it’s hard to quantify the benefits of creatine for swimmers. As performance has not been improved, despite the alteration of blood markers in short-distance repeat sprints Sessions. But Some research shows improvement after single sprint performance, while others do not. The evidence is obviously indecisive. However, the use of creatine cheap, naturally occurring substance appears to improve repeated high-intensity swimming performance, similar to a workout.  Creatine extends the ability to continue repeated high-quality efforts for 25 meters.

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In the end, supplementation is up to you and your support team (coach, family, etc). You must weigh whether it’s worth your money and effort to take a creatine supplement. If it works for you, that’s great. If not, you will continue performing at an elite level without the supplement Remember, if you are going to be drug-tested, make sure your supplement is approved by the International Olympic Committee with the HFL stamp of approval.

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