Watch Rio Olympics with PhelpsMoji App and Express Your Inner Swimmer


Download PhelpsMoji App to Express Your Inner Swimmer

The swimming legend now launched his own app, PhelpsMoji, Interesting emojis of his face, many of them different but people love this. The app is available for 99 cents on both Android and Apple store, and this app includes the 18-time gold medalist doing everything from playing beach volleyball to cuddling a koala and any more. Michael Phelps may be the most decorated Olympian of all time and going to participate his 5th Olympic, and also he is the only swimmer who made his 5th qualification for Olympics, now come to the Phelps emoji app this emojis may end up being what kids know him for 20 years from now. PheplsEmoji is created by AppMoji, allows users to copy and paste Phelps themed emojis using their normal smartphone keyboard.

Watch Rio Olympics with Phelpsemoji App and Express Your Inner Swimmer Watch Rio Olympics with Phelpsemoji App and Express Your Inner Swimmer
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Eventually, they are hoping to use it integrated like the normal emoji keyboard, though for now the functionality is limited to a “copy and paste” keyboard. Olympic gymnast and defending gold medalist in the all-around Gabby Douglas was the first big splash of this new service in the sports market when she launched Gabbymoji (for twice the price).

But some of the PhelpsMoji — and there are over 100 in the first iteration — are great. Here are my top six, with a helpful explanation for when they might be deployed.

Download PhelpsMoji by Michael Phelps Here(APK FILE)

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