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How to Correct Your Breaststroke Swimming Mistakes with Best Technique

breaststroke swimming mistakes

breaststroke swimming mistakesThe breaststroke is that the most technically complicated and extremely coordinated swim stroke. not like the other swim strokes, your legs give additional forward propulsion than your arms. that’s why it’s thus necessary that the forward drive through your legs is as effective and productive as possible. it looks like frogs are swimming past you, this guide ought to help highlight necessary aspects of the stroke to keep an eye on. You’ll additionally learn useful, easy ways to work on any problems you’re having. Breaststroke might be a slower stroke. With some changes, though, your breaststroke will become significantly quicker. small changes will create a big difference. Now, I’m going to discuss some Breaststroke swimming mistakes and its correction.

Here are 3 most important breaststroke swimming mistakes with their correct approach

1-Head Position Correction

Look Forward when learning breaststroke, you were most likely instructed to breathe forward, and look in front of you. This isn’t essentially the most effective way to breathe. breathing like this drops your hips low within the water. This body alignment pushes you upward instead of forward. Since you’re attempting to reach the opposite end of the pool — and not the sky — it’s necessary to regulate your head position.

How to Fix

When looking straight down, it’s going to appear impossible to breathe. manipulate with your head position. If you’ll be able to look toward the water at about a 45 degree angle, this will help elevate your hips up. the most effective way to practice you head position is to swim regular race. you’ll be able to actually change your head position whereas kicking or pulling. you may change your head position once you switch to regular race, though. once initial testing it out, you may feel like there’s water in your face as you decide to breathe.

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Keep working with the angle your neck makes in relevancy the water. With some changes, you’ll notice a pocket of air while not water moving into your mouth. You’ll begin to feel yourself spouting forward, rather than coming up and down within the same place. once you breathe, make sure you tuck your head between your arms on your glide. Look straight down toward the bottom of the pool. take advantage of the glide part of the stroke. You’ll move straight forward along with your body on top of the water, rather than pushing yourself mostly upward.


2-Body Position Is Important

Drop Your Hips Once you get your eyes down, it’ll be a lot of easier to stay your hips up. you wish your body to be fully horizontal on top of the water. this can make sure that you jet forward on each pull and every kick, rather than pushing yourself upward. along with your hips low, your body becomes vertical within the water. You exert a similar quantity of effort without moving very far.

How to Fix

First, get your eyes down. Second, place confidence in where your hips are. If it still feels like they’re sinking, think about what your back is doing. If your back is arched, your hips can sink. Instead, tighten your core to make sure your back isn’t snaky. Raise your spine close to the surface of the water. try kicking breaststroke during a streamline. Notice if your spine is straight and close to the surface of the water. If you’re still sinking, tuck a noodle below your hips. attempt a number of laps with the noodle, and target lifting your hips close to the surface.

3-Improper Breaststroke Kick

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Correct breaststroke kick is a must if you wish to succeed in swimming this excellent stroke. the most common mistakes in kicking are a scissor kick, too wide of a kick or the worst, modified butterfly kick.

How to Fix

Breaststroke swimmers continuously have to be compelled to push water backwards behind them since they require the kick to propel them forward. within the scissor kick the water is pushed to the sides and in too wide of a kick. the right way to push water behind swimmer’s body is by utilizing the inner shin and also the inner foot  as the main components. within the scissor kick and modified butterfly kick  it’s the front shin and front foot that’s incorrectly getting used. in the too wide of a kick , it’s only the sole of swimmer’s foot that stomps the water backwards that truly generate nearly zero propulsion forward.

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Here Some More things You Should Remember to Correct your breaststroke swimming mistakes.

  1. Feet not rotated outwards properly.
  2. Relax the muscles during the outsweep.
  3. Keep your elbows in line with your hands throughout arm stroke.
  4. Break your wrist- “Make sure you do not rotate”

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