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Bob Bowman Reveals The Michael Phelps’s Secrets

Bob Bowman Reveals The Micheal Phelps's Secrets

Phelps is 30-years old and spent six weeks in a rehabilitation center in 2014 after being detained for driving under the influence. He just became a dad on 5th of may. He maintains he’s more aware, balanced and committed than he was before London, where he won four gold medals. Recently Coach Bob Share Phelps’s Secrets:-

It’s hopeless to say how much credit Bowman deserves for the 22 Olympic medals Phelps has won, 18 of them gold. The swimmer’s body, with its long torso, 80-inch wingspan and double-jointed ankles, was apparently designed for the sport. This is actual Phelps’s secret.

Bowman has trained Phelps since he was 11. “All greatest swimmers in history, there was an extremely close partnership with a coach,” Bowman said in an interview this week. “It’s a lot more about the how you do it than the what.”

The books offer some insights into how. Bowman once stepped on Phelps’ goggles before a race, cracking them, so that they’d fill with water and instruct him how to race blind. That came in handy when Phelps’ goggles full of water at the Beijing Games, in a race he won.

It’s difficult to quibble with the training credentials of the guy who directed Michael Phelps to the most successful Olympic profession of all time. Sometimes most of the people try to find answer about “Can Bob Bowman trainer anyone else to superstardom?”

At 52, he’s giving it a try. He’s just completing his first year as coach of the Arizona State University swim team. And for the very first time, he’ll serve as head men’s swim coach for Team USA at the Rio Games this summer.


But Bowman is not restricting his attempts to other swimmers. In a bid to develop extraordinariness in ordinary Joes everywhere, Bowman is releasing a book called, “The Golden Rules: 10 Steps to World Class Excellence in Your Life and Work.

The book joins a crowded genre of tomes by trainers providing guidance for a successful life, and Bowman’s does not purport to break new ground. If anything, it stands apart for its humility. He has no secrets and knows of no shortcuts. Mainly he obsesses about simplicity. For Phelps and Bowman’s other elite swimmers, Rio may be a goal, but the most significant one is creating the greatest possible performance at the next practice, and the one after that, and the one after that.

His wide-ranging recommendations will seem familiar to readers of inspirational books: take risks to beat your fears and anxieties; map out a multi-year strategy, subsequently be flexible enough to alter it; write down targets that do not depend on the performances of others; do not hurry toward success; ask for help; have different interests to give the mind a break; make yourself uncomfortable; keep meetings short.

Recently, Bowman has applied a brand new technique that includes swimming with blacked-out goggles, so that swimmers can copy the perfect strokes they’ve seen on the video. He says it removes bad habits.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Michael Phelps’s secrets or shortcuts, just lots of hard work- said by Bob Bowman

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