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Best Way To Recover Fast After a Hard workout

13 points Help You To Recover Fast After a Hard workout
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That feeling in the body after a hard workout(the aching, burning sensation that you get in your muscles). What is the factor behind it? The factor is “build-up of lactic acid” in the muscles which needs to be minimize or removed. Many swimmers do not know about “How to remove lactic acid from the muscles“, “How to reduce its effect on muscles” and “What are the best ways of recover fast after some hard workouts“?

First we should know about Lactic Acid:-

Lactic acid is nasty stuff. Your muscles produce it during intense workout. It’s a metabolic byproduct that makes no contribution to exercise performance. It causes muscle fatigue and post-exercise muscle soreness. Lactic acid builds up in the muscles after strenuous exercise and leaves a burning sensation when the muscles are active. A side effect of high lactate levels is an increase in the acidity of the muscle.

Recovery Strategies:-

13 points Help You To Recover Fast After a Hard workout

Once the swimming workout is finished.

  • it is very important that swimmers must eat a regular breakfast. Most elite swimmers workout nearly six days a week.
  • To recover from the swimming workout, fluid and fuel both must be present to the body. If the meal can be eaten within 30 minutes after the workout, then the body can start the recovery process faster and be ready by the next practice to provide a quality workout.

Carbohydrates are the most efficient source of energy for muscles. An swimmer’s diet plan should consist of minimum 60-65% of total calories from carbohydrates like rice, breads, pasta, muffins, fruits ,vegetables and so on.

“Swimmers with low-carbohydrate diet plan cannot easily recover their pre-exercise muscle glycogen levels before their next workout.”

A liquid meal replacement, such as a nutrition shake or a high-carbohydrate drink, can be used when some swimmers are unable to eat after practice due to time constraints, lack of appetite or stomach discomfort.

  • A good rest gives you a good speed in pool.
  • The early parts of a workout should always be easy to moderate.
  • Use your best swimming technique(Work on “How to reduce drags“).
  • Take a break from the workout if you are feeling tired.
  • Have fun with the workouts.
  • Change the strokes you are doing from time to time, try new things, and don’t get caught in a rut.

Good workout has:-

  • a  good warm-up
  • stroke drills or technique work
  • kicking sets
  • pulling sets
  • a main set
  • a loosen or cool-down


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Coaching tips

Many swimming coaches, parents, and other team mates may have different ways of recovery to prevent this lactic acid. From  ranging from how much sleep a swimmer should get each night to the perfect snack right after practice. But what are the best ways? Here are 13 ways to recover after practice.

These 13 point help you to recover fast after a hard workout:-

  1. Sleep More
  2. Eat Protein Pre- and Post-Workout
  3. Try Compression Garments
  4. Try a Power Nap
  5. Hydration
  6. Stretching
  7. Cooling Down
  8. The Right Snack
  9. Fueling the Body
  10. Massages
  11. Ice baths
  12. Compression clothing
  13. Foam rolling

The best recovery for swimmers involves cooling down properly and eating the right diets. You should eat shortly after a tough swim, and make sure you swim, stretch, get a massage or otherwise perform light exercise that helps remove lactic acid that build up in your muscles after hard workout.

A Good cool down involves periods of easy pace swimming. To remove the lactic acid in the muscle this could be between 200m and 800m. If you finish a hard swim and just stop, the lactic acid in the muscles is not fully removed. So, Don’t forget to cool down after your practice session.

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