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Tips for swim parent on How to be a good swim parent

Tips for swim parent on How to be a good swim parent
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Nowadays Being a parent isn’t easy. We receive no formal training and often learn from experience. How to be a good swim parent??  Raising a child who wants to swim competitively can be extra hard because there are so many other things to take into account around swim training and competitions. The start of a season is a good time to review some of the basics. And the first one is the role of a swimming parent.

What is important to understand is that each swimmer should always be working to improve their own technique, skills, and fitness and aiming to transfer these improvements into faster times in races at swim meets. Each swimmer will develop at a different rate and often the strong well developed 12 or 13 years old will be passed by a later developing child as they get older. Every swimmer wants to swim a Personal Best every time they compete however as we know, this is not always possible.  There can be many reasons for a poor performance on one meet followed by a great performance just a week later.  Reasons for a poor performance may include a lack of sleep in the lead up to the swim meet, not eating the right foods, Laziness about practice and many others reasons.

 Do not try to Interrupt the practice

The coach is trying to pay attention to all of the swimmers in the swimming pool. Multitasking like Correcting, urging, monitoring, etc.

“We really do not have the time or attention to start a conversation with any parent unless it’s an emergency for them.”

Notice other parents talk about “Technical Issues“.

Swimming parents listening to other swimming parents about technical issues really annoys coaches.

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There will always be that one parent who rules the timing booth.

The timing systems at local pools can be fitful. Every once in a while along comes a parent who can “whisper” the glitch timing system. When you find this parent never let them go. Ever.

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Bonus 4 tips for Swim Parent:-

  1. Help your child find their Swim Buddy’s event information and encourage them to watch their Buddy’s race and offer encouragement  and/or congratulations after!
  2. Help your child get to know their Swim Friend. Communicate with your child’s Swim Buddy’s parents to understand any special needs, food allergies, etc.
  3. Help your child shop for or make snacks or small gifts for their Swim Buddy if desired.
  4. Encourage your child to write “good luck” notes. Even though their kid just had the worst swim of their life, this parent is so aghast at the thought of his or her kid losing self-confidence that they will sugar coat it until the very end. They may make their own at home or use cards available at the sign in table at meets.

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How to Keep a Swimmer Motivated All Season“The Austin American-Statesman reports: “Psychology for Swimmers could just as easily apply to any sport, or any endeavor in which improving performance is desired” and Runner’s World concurs, stating: “Replace the word: swimmer with runner and you’ve got your Runner’s book.””

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