How to Use a Swimming Pool Solar Cover The Right Way

Swimming Pool Solar Cover

A swimming pool solar cover or blanket could be a big “bubble-wrap” cover that floats on the top of the water in your pool. It provides variety of benefits:

1.Heats the water with the sun -spits more comfortable and it extends the swimming season.

2. Reduces evaporation that saves on water replacement

3. Blocks some of the ultraviolet radiation light that destroys the chlorine within the water therefore you do not have to add as several pool chemicals.

4. Helps keep the warmth in at night when the temperature drops, particularly important in desert areas.

5. Keeps dirt, birds, and other items out of the pool so your water stays cleaner and helps reduce TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) – that delays having to empty and refill your pool water.

6. star covers are one in every of the must-have pool accessories. They’re conjointly called star blankets or summer covers. throughout the year, swimming pools are left exposed to nature’s parts (rain, tree rubble, bird feces, etc.) and its temperature changes.

7. they’re light-weight covers (which seem like big items of bubble wrap) that you just can place over your pool to stay your water temperature warm.
I saw a video for a product that basically attaches long sticks to the underside of the swimming solar blanket permitting you to roll it up (just sort of a pie crust around a rolling pin) whereas it’s floating on the surface of the water. Then, you simply drag it out and into the shade and you’re able to swim. this can be a really neat style and works well for a little deck without room for a standard pool reel.
A cover absorbs the daylight so transfers that heat to the water. Some covers are black for this terribly reason,however the most widely used are made of cheap clear plastic that looks just like the bubble wrap used for packing. These covers are product of a special material designed to store the daylight as heat, and air bubbles work as insulation so that the warmth becomes trapped in the pool water.

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Swimming Pool Solar Cover can do the following:Swimming Pool Solar Cover
  • Prevent heat from escaping your pool: Retaining heat is especially important at night, when the air is cooler than the swimming pool.
  • Directly convert solar radiation into usable heat: In an in-ground pool, a cover can increase the water temperature by 5 degrees F for each 12 hours of coverage.
  • Limit evaporation: Each gallon of evaporated 80 degree F water removes about 8,000 BTUs from the pool.
  • Reduce chemical depletion: This advantage reduces cost, and you can consider it a form of energy conservation.


Swimming Pool Solar Cover


You will need a piece of 1/2 inch diameter pipe as long as your existing pool cover. You can buy it in 10 or 20′ lengths. I used 10′ long pieces since they fit in my car and then joined two pieces together with a $.29 splice coupling to make them longer.

You will also need some 1 inch diameter SCH-40 PVC Pipe. I used about 2′ total length cut into sections as giant washers/clips to attach the solar cover to the 1/2″ pipe.

A bonus feature of Swimming Pool Solar Cover is that they’ll help keep out unwanted debris that may fall in your pool during the day. However, the main purpose is to keep your pool warm and help it to get there.

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