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3 Hard Freestyle Drill and Technique You Must Try

Unco Freestyle drill and fist drill

A pull drill is an exercise accustomed work the arm movements of a swim stroke, known as the “pull,” severally of the kick. once combined with different swimming drills, pull drills will facilitate improve your body position within the water. several coaches use pull buoys for race. They worry that pull drills might cause shoulder stress in breaststroke or butterfly. However you’ll conjointly do a armed drill to even out your stroke and observe breaststroke with a pull drill. Now, I’m going to share some most popular freestyle drill :-

1-UNCO Freestyle Drill

Unco Freestyle Drill Hand movementUnco may be a special drill that helps you develop the rhythm and temporal order of your stroke. It brings numerous components of the stroke along and forces you to time your catch, pull and body rotation properly. you’ll be able to even use it to shine up the temporal order of your respiration.

How to Perform Unco freestyle drill and freestyle swimming arm movement

Unless you’ve got associate exceptionally propulsive kick, perpetually use fins once playacting Unco. it is a one arm drill, performed with one arm by your aspect while playacting a full stroke with the opposite arm:


  • Breathe far from the touch arm and breathe on each single stroke – though you do not feel you would like to – this helps drive your body rotation. we recommend you begin along with your right arm touch and breathe to your left. Once you get the droop of it you’ll be able to swap sides each 25m just about.
  • The key to the drill is to form positive that you just rotate your body absolutely to the dead aspect. there will be a temptation to not do that, the key’s guaranteeing that you just dip your non-stroking arm and shoulder down into the water. you’ll extremely got to emphasise dipping the dead shoulder into the water as there is no arm stroke on it aspect to assist you.

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  • This rotation among the drill is important. tumble right and your touch arm can recover simply over the highest of the water. but keep flat on it dead aspect and also the arm recovery are going to be terribly tough! If you struggle to coordinate the drill don’t fret that is traditional – indeed it is the whole plan and easily highlights that the temporal order of your stroke may have some work. after you tumble right it ought to be sleek and throbbing.

Here is 2 Basic but Effective Drills:-

2-Deck-Ups freestyle drill

Another drill which will assist you perceive the pull, yet as improve your strength for swimming, is deck-ups. Swim to the aspect of the pool and place your hands on the pool deck. Pull yourself out of the pool and extend your arms. strive doing a group of five to ten of those. Then begin swimming once more and focus on your pull.When doing all your deck-ups, if you place your hands too close it’s about to be terribly tough. Move them somewhat past shoulder breadth, and you may have lots a lot of leverage. It ought to feel just like however it felt pull yourself out of the water.

3-Fist Freestyle Swimming Drill

Close the hands into fists. Make sure the your hands are tightly closed. This drill allows the swimmers to feel the water on the forearms and not just on their hands. It works well with all strokes.

Unco and Fist freestyle drill

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Men Freestyle Swimming World Records

50 m freestyle 20.91 Cesar Cielo  Brazil 18 December 2009 Brazilian Championships
100 m freestyle 46.91 Cesar Cielo  Brazil 30 July 2009 World Championships
200 m freestyle 1:42.00 Paul Biedermann  Germany 28 July 2009 World Championships
400 m freestyle 3:40.07 Paul Biedermann  Germany 26 July 2009 World Championships
800 m freestyle 7:32.12 Zhang Lin  China 29 July 2009 World Championships
1500 m freestyle 14:31.02 Sun Yang  China 4 August 2012 Olympic Games

Women Freestyle Swimming World Records

50 m freestyle 23.73 Britta Steffen  Germany 2 August 2009 World Championships
100 m freestyle 52.07 Britta Steffen  Germany 31 July 2009 World Championships
200 m freestyle 1:52.98 Federica Pellegrini  Italy 29 July 2009 World Championships
400 m freestyle 3:58.37 Katie Ledecky  United States 23 August 2014 Pan Pacific Championships
800 m freestyle 8:06.68 Katie Ledecky  United States 17 January 2016 Pro Swim Series
1500 m freestyle 15:25.48 Katie Ledecky  United States 4 August 2015 World Championships

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