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The Ultimate Breaststroke correct technique Drill Boost Your Power

Breaststroke correct technique

breaststroke arms teaching pointsBreaststroke correct technique:- you generally execute the movements of the standard breaststroke cycle. But as an alternative of kicking once with your legs and pulling once with your arms per stroke cycle, you kick twice with your legs and then pull once with your arms per cycle.
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How to Perform this breaststroke correct technique drill:

  • Swim breaststroke, grabbing one particular leg with the opposite arm in a quad stretch.
  • Release at the 15m mark and continue swimming with the very same tempo held throughout the drill.
  • It will probably feel awkward the very first time you do it, but don’t forget the objective is a quick arm and kick motion and then carrying that tempo over into your complete swimming.

Concentrate on these breaststroke analysis And breaststroke arms teaching points:
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breaststroke arms teaching pointsbreaststroke arms teaching points

  • Quickly execute the arm stroke phases at the starting of the drill cycle: out-sweep, catch, in-sweep and recovery forward.
  • Start a initial kick throughout the arm recovery forward, glide for a while, kick a second kick time, glide once again for a while, then begin a new cycle with the arm stroke.
  • Try to achieve horizontal position as much as possible for the duration of the streamline phase. Your head should be in line with your trunk. Look straight down towards the bottom of the pool.
  • Have your hands one on top of the other and squeeze your arms against your head throughout the streamline.
  • Feel the pressure of the water against the inner parts of your legs and feet throughout the propulsive phase of the kick. Squeeze your legs against each other at the end of the kick and observe a quick glide phase in this streamline position.
  •  Pay focus to your leg recovery. Try to decrease drag by recovering your legs within the shadow of your upper body. To do this properly flex your hips as small as possible, maintain your knees shoulder width apart, not more, and think about bringing your heels towards your buttocks rather than bending your knees.
  • To get the most out of this drill you must do at least six lengths in a row in a 25m or 20m pool, or two or three lengths in a row in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.Try a single kick and two pulls as a complementary drill.
  • Breaststroke with pull buoy is also very effective so swimmers can use pull buoy throught their workouts.

This Breaststroke correct technique drill lets you practice the arm stroke movements without having breathing. Do the following:

  • Grab one or two pull buoy, based on the help you require for your legs.
  • Go to the shallow region of the pool.
  • Place the pull buoy in between your thighs. Push off the ground and assume a horizontal position with your arms extended forward, hands held close with each other.
  • Place your head in the water so that it is in line with your trunk and your body in a straight line from head to toes.

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