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Surprises lurk in Y-40, World’s deepest swimming pool, Italy reaches depths of 40m

Surprises lurk in world's deepest pool
Divers check out the Y-40, the deepest swimming pool in the world. Picture: Piero Mescalchiny/Y-40/Caters News

Surprises lurk in Y-40 is now the world’s deepest swimming pool. The Surprises lurk in Y-40, also called The Deep Joy, is the incredible pool close to Venice in Italy, that contains a variety of depths — the deepest is a maximum of 40m. It is even heated at temperatures between of thirty two to 34C therefore you’ll dive in only your normal swimming costume instead of having to wear a wetsuit.

The Sun reports the seemingly bottomless pool, which features four underwater caves, broke the Guinness record for the deepest pool ever for diving.

Surprises lurk in Y-40

Adventurous underwater photographer Rino Sgorbani, from Italy, determined to tackle the tricky dive and plunge down to the depths of the pool. Describing the experience, the 65-year-old said: “In the shallower part it felt sort of a normal pool.

“The deepest part is like an immersion into the ocean depth, but with water as hot as the Caribbean. it absolutely was a pleasant experience and it absolutely was exciting.”
Surprises lurk in world's deepest pool


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