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Secrets To Increase Your Potential as Athlete

Michael Phelps: Finally at peace with swimming, himself and Katie Ledecky ready to make her mark on Rio Olympic swimming, Secrets To Increase Your Potential as Athlete

Eight years have passed since my parents enrolled me in my first swimming lesson. As a young athlete, I moved fast, although not so much physically. Since very little I learned that if I wanted to defeat other much taller and stronger than me children, must work harder than all of them and be better technically. The first thing you should do is Develope your potential.

  • Competing in numerous events in the different state and National Competitions, athletes met many dedicated and focused on achieving your ideal career; that perfect career that defines them as athletes. Many of them achieved that goal.
  • Now as an athlete master again observed in many adult athletes that dedication that characterised many friends who became standards of excellence in their respective clubs and countries. Add to that the camaraderie that exists in the Master’s events and we mix elements that any athlete would leave impressed.
  • Queen master community discipline with which we grew the eighties athletes. It is not so much so for the past generations who have passed through our sport. Is it because of the many distractions that exist today ? or is it the lack of incentives that sports associations offer these athletes? I could not say exactly. What I do know is that once a true athlete fixes his gaze on a target, requires almost a supernatural event to deflect the path to your goal.
  • As a coach, I watched as children and young people with amazing talent fall short of their potential, even if their coaches employ us thoroughly to instil a strong work ethic and the foundation for excellence. It is very common to hear young athletes talk about brands they want to achieve, but their actions in the water do not match their desires often bulky.
  • Our sport is demanding. Not every athlete is born with the ability to achieve a perfect balance between body and mind to overcome the rigours of training day after day looking at a black line for endless kilometres. What many of them and they lack is a winning attitude; namely eliminate fear and pursue a comprehensive approach to obtaining a target.
  • If you are an athlete with clearly defined goals and understand that to achieve these goals you must make two separate sacrifices; away any outbreak of distraction, trázate goals in the short, medium and long term, keep a diary of training, consulting occasionally with a sports psychologist, requires your coach a more specific preparation that allows better performance in your career and sees as soon you will begin to reap the fruits of your effort.

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  • Have a good trip athlete. Do not forget that your way will have obstacles to overcome, but to beat them gain a stronger identity that will allow you to climb steps on your journey. In the end, these experiences are what will give the basis for excellent performance with Potential and eventual production of each and every one of your goals.

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