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Sagar Kamble’s Achievements Make India Beam With Pride

sagar kamble

While some teens were preparing for Holi Festival, SAGAR KAMBLE was busy to achieve his goal that is 18 K.M Dog leg Robben island Cape town (South Africa). On 11th of march, the 20-year-old Ocean Boy Sagar Kamble successfully completed an epic 18-km swim across Dog leg Robben island at Cape town in Just 6hr 37min, becoming the Only Indian male swimmer to ever cross the 18 K.M Dog leg Robben island Cape town. His Coach and mentor Amol Adhav told ABOUTSWIM the swim was tough, Sagar’s Coach accompanying in a boat, helped him get through.

Sagar told Aboutswim:- “It looks OK but the water that’s in the 60s (Fahrenheit), most people scream when they get into it. So to actually go 6-7hours, it takes unbelievable strength mentally and physically. And for me to be able to do that — that takes a special thing for me.”

Sagar Continued:- “It’s strange – I’d been so exhausted, but for the final five or 10 minutes, I powered to shore. It was like I was on autopilot. I remember my coach was just shouting ‘Go Sagar! Go! Go!”.

“When I reached the shore, I was a few notches off compos mentis,” he says. “I was dazed, confused. I’d been in cold water for past 6-7 hours, with a high rate of exertion. I’d been told “you had to take three unaided steps after reaching land”, “Those steps became massively important. It was a Neil Armstrong moment. Eventually I did three steps, and I sat down. I remember being surrounded by people cuddling me.”

“Be Brave Where Others are Afraid”


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