Rio2016 – Phelps Cried While watching his “Under Armour Ad”


It’s easy to see why – The particular video shows a solo Phelps grinding, suffering and working hard largely in the shadows, unaccompanied by anyone. The ad’s feeling is one of infatuation, drive, willpower. Upon release of the commercial, Under Armour also shared Phelps’ reaction. Nevertheless first, you will need to see the video for yourself:

A thing that may be just as moving is seeing Bejing Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Michael Phelps and his fiancee Nicole Johnson watching it with regard to the first time.Whenever the two were going to the Under Armour Head office during the holidays these people were not expecting in order to have the chance in order to see the final cut associated with the commercial. Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson both were eyes full of tears. When describing why Micheal Phelps was moved by the commercial, Micheal Phelps said, “That commercial shows a lot of interesting things about myself that probably the other people hasn’t seen before. ”

Phelps will make his final Olympics appearance this summer, four years after insisting to the entire world that he was going to walk away without having regrets. This video is the first taste of his comeback journey, with more surely to come.

Considering that first retiring after the 2012 Olympics, Micheal Phelps life has been on a little bit of a roller coaster. This individual was arrested on a DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE in 2014. Early in 2015, he announced he and Nicole were engaged. Micheal Phelps said the two were expecting a infant. Now, he’s trying to come back to the place where he’s seen more success than anybody else in the history of the Olympics “the pool”. It may be not surprising to see him become emotional over an ad like this. Under Armour’s latest advertisement, featuring Michael Phelps, is great. So excellent that the swimmer himself cried after watching it.

Although Under Armour does not really have a swimwear line, in the year 2010 they agreed upon to be ‘Micheal Phelps’ official “dryland” sponsor. While the particular video is placed against a great overall theme of Micheal Phelps in the water, highlighted by all associated with the out-of-water work this individual has to do in order to be the best in the world , pointed out by “It’s what a person or an individual do in the dark that puts you in the light, ” correctly punctuated with the lyric “it’s the last goodbye, I swear” as Micheal Phelps approaches his final Olympics in Rio 2016.

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