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Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Enjoying fatherhood

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Considering the genetics, it should return as no surprise that Michael Phelps’s newborn son loves to be in the water. “We will offer him a shower and sometimes he is happy — and sometimes he starts crying when he gets out because he likes the water,” Phelps said.
Phelps, the 22-time Olympic medalist, is just a few days off from his fifth and final U.S. Olympic trials. He’s about seven weeks into an even more superb journey: fatherhood.
“You know, it’s still crazy,” Phelps, 30, said at a pre-trials press conference. “When i am holding him or laying on the couch with him, it’s just amazing. … I’ve learned which cry means what. If he wants a diaper change, if he wants mommy, all of these totally different cries. it has been a extremely fun journey over the last few years, and a journey that i think has created me the person who i’m and helped me remodel to me simply being me.
Boomer Phelps was born on may 5, and he was named — kind of — when former NFL player and current broadcaster boomer Esiason. Phelps and fiancée Nicole Johnson had determined they didn’t want to name their kid something ordinary.
While Phelps was looking at Esiason talk soccer one day, he was struck by the name.
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“I was sitting there and contemplated even telling her that I liked it,” Phelps said. “I was like, ‘Boomer is quite cool.’ It’s totally different. we do not extremely know many Boomers. it’s quite amazing.”
Johnson is scheduled to fly in to Omaha with boomer in tow this weekend before Phelps’s program begins. If Phelps qualifies for the Olympic team — which he most actually can — she said his son will make the trip with him to Rio Olympics.
“I’m looking forward to having him here and simply being able to have my son, my 1st kid, be able to watch me at some of my last competitions,” Phelps said. “I think is pretty special. i am sure he isn’t going to remember it, but just to be ready to document that’s something that may be cool and be pretty fun to share with him years down the road.”
Michael Phelps, going to add a fitting finale to his stunning Olympic career in Rio, will start on with the familiar frenzy of the U.S.A. Olympic swimming trials.
Even with eighteen gold among his astonishing twenty-two Olympic medals, Phelps said Saturday that “nobody is a lock” to create the American team for Rio Olympics.
“More pressure here than the Olympic Games for sure,” Phelps said of the trials, where the top 2 in each individual event will make the team.
“It’s tougher here. no one is a shoo-in and no-one is a lock.”
Phelps has returned through four prior trials with flying colors, making his 1st Olympic team at the age of fifteen in 2000.
There followed an eight-medal haul, together with six gold, in Athens in 2004, and his zenith in Beijing 2008, where he won an unprecedented eight gold medals.
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