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MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Back Touch and Pull
MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Back Touch and Pull

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Backstroke

    • Bob Bowman, head coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils Swimming and Diving Team and USA Swimming appointed him the head coach of the men’s U.S. 2016 Olympic Team, Presenting the MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: backstroke drill “Back touch and Pull.” demonstrated by the best swimmer of all-time, Michael Phelps, this drill helps swimmers concentrate on “the catch” in backstroke.
    • Bob bowman does this drill a bit differently.
    •   His swimmers keep both hands at their sides whereas kicking on their backs.
    • They take a full stroke with one arm and return the hand back to their side before they take following full stroke with the other arm.

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MP-Swim Tips by Bob Bowman Video:-

Bob bowman Favrouit part of Back touch and Pull Backstroke

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  • It emphasizes what your hips and body ought to be doing throughout the stroke cycle.
  • It permits the swimmer to feel “the catch” and feel what their body ought to be doing the instant of the catch.

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