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How To Make a Professional Breaststroke Swimming Start

Professional Breaststroke Swimming Start

A lot of this occurred because of underwater footage of Japan’s Kitajima performing a dolphin kick off the beginning and turn off his races. This swimming kick, although banned, couldn’t be seen from the judges. FINA took control and determined to change the law and permit one dolphin kick off every start and turn throughout a race. When this swimming kick is performed is a personal preference but has modified more recently. when the rule initial came in most swimmers were doing it throughout the arm stroke. we’ve got noticed that currently several swimmers are diving/pushing off and while still in the streamline they’re performing their swimming kick and then initiating the arm pull. Let’s see some excellent tips to make a professional breaststroke swimming start.


How you dive is entirely your selection and much of this will return from trial and error. whether you start together with your feet along or one in front of the other will rely upon what’s quickest for you. If you’re a beginner and aren’t comfy with diving the all you would like to remember is keep you head down. If you lift your head then your hips drop and your tummy will be sore from slapping the water. Head down and you’ll be fine. And please make sure the water is deep enough to practice diving.
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As you start to slow down once your push off, your hands change integrity from the streamlined position and do what is essentially an underwater swimming stroke. Be explosive and concentrate on accelerating until your hands are at your thighs. Keep your head still and look directly toward the bottom of the pool to reduce turbulence.
After a short pause, “creep” your hands up your body, paying special attention to causing as little resistance as possible. Begin the recovery of the kick whereas your arms slip past your body. As your hands pass your head and extend in front of you, kick your legs, tilt your head forward, and powerfully pop up to the surface to begin your 1st stroke.
While the technique of the breaststroke turn is so advanced, do not feel overwhelmed. Use the repetition of swimming to your advantage. Take one component of the turn and observe it until it’s excellent, and then pass on. With a little concentration and plenty of effort, you’ll be stunned how quickly you improve. With practice, little details discussed in this article ought to become smooth, seamless, and fast. Never lose sight of this. the right turn is one that beats the Speedos off your competition.

Breaststroke Kick & Hands

when you’ve to control your arms at your sides for 2 seconds, sneak your hands back up into a streamline. at the same time perform one breaststroke kick. As your hands move up into a streamline, tuck your elbows in and slide your hands on your body. The more tucked in your elbows are, the less drag you’ll have. you would like to reduce the quantity of resistance the maximum amount as possible. this will help continue your forward movement. Once your hands reach your face, move them right past your nose. Don’t look forward, though! this may mess up your body position and slow you down. Get your hands along, and move them into a streamlined. while moving your hands upward, perform a breaststroke kick. remember that you are only assigned one breaststroke kick. If you kick over once, you’ll get disqualified. Hold the streamline for about one second. this is the quantity of time that it should take you to urge near the surface of the water.
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Perform Your First Stroke

At this time in your pull-down, you ought to be getting close to the surface of the water. once you’re a couple of inches below the surface, begin your stroke. Your 1st stroke should raise you up on high of the water. If you start too soon, you’ll struggle to get to the surface. this may slow your body down. If you start too late, you’ll lose time and begin the race behind the opposite swimmers. timing the break-out might take a couple of tries. simply feel it out, and go together with what seems best for you.
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