How to Learn Swimming Effortlessly

How to Learn Swimming with Olympian Natalie Coughlin

To learn swimming within 10 days is not very hard but if you do it the wrong way you will need much time to learn swimming. It’s indescribably exhausting and unpleasant. The first thing you should do is learn the basic strokes, and then move on to advanced techniques when you are ready. Don’t PANIC!

TECHNIQUE to Learn Swimming
When considering swimming technique for any stroke, analysis should follow the format described below, in this order:

1. Leg kick 2. Arm cycle 3. Timing 4. Breathing 5.Let go of your fear

1) To push yourself forward with the minimum effort you need to focus on shoulders roll and keep your body, horizontal  not pulling with your arms or kicking with your legs. By keeping your body horizontal you minimise resistance of water and this is important, as powerful kicking is a universal suggestion to correct swimming issues.
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2) Just Keep yourself horizontal by Placing your head in line with your spine(body line position) — your eye should be looking straight down. More your body in straight line more speed you will get.

3)Impale the water with your fingers and extend your arm full, well beneath your head. Extend it lower and further than you think you should. This produces downward water pressure on the arms and  will bring your legs up and reduced drag. I highly recommend reading “Some powerful tips to attain correct body position
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5) Concentrate on the increasing stroke length instead of fast stroke rate.

6) Forget about workouts and focus on “practice.” You are training your nervous system to perform counter-intuitive movements well, not training your aerobic system. If you feel strained, you’re not using the proper technique. Stop and review rather than persist through the pain and develop bad habits.

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7)Stretch your extended arm and  rotate your body to breathe.

8) An efficient stroke will significantly reduce wasted energy output through less drag in the water and a cleaner execution of hand and arm entry.
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9)Practice exhaling underwater.

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