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How to Use Swimming Gears to Enhance Your Speed

Competitive swimming gears

Whether you are Professional swimmer or beginner swimmer or someone who is try into a swimming pool for the first time. Novice swimming players depends on swimming gears to learn new swimming stroke and also equipment play a vital role to learn swimming. The best and great gears use help to swim fast in swimming pool and build a efficient swimming stroke in the pool. now a day workout without gears don’t give you best result which you’re expecting from your practice. For remain on top you have to do some extra work instead of daily swimming workouts, in general use some best gears and work with them.

These are some general equipment use in swimming :-

  • Swim Buoy
  • Goggles
  • Cap
  • Tennis Balls(swim with tennis balls grasped in each hand)
  • Kickboards
  • Swim Suits with Mesh
  • Flippers
  • Hand paddles and so on…

Let’s discuss some of the swimming gears given above.

  1. CAP

swimming cap a essential swimming gearsA cap is a vital part of equipment for swimmers, particularly for girls. It should be lightest possible; it should fit properly so that it does not promote any resistance of water. It has got to be imported, if improvement is not possible.

NOTELearners should compulsorily wear red caps. A red a cap is easily recognizable in water, even in bed of the pool. If this precaution is taken, chance of drowning can be considerable reduced.



swimming google one of the vital swimming gearsChlorinated water often causes eye irritation when a swimmer is training for hours. Goggles are therefore important one of the swimming gears for training. Unlike in earlier year when heavy rubber goggles were used, now light, very light, plastic goggles are used.

There are instances when improper use of goggles has caused nasty eye injuries, including blindness. In view of it, take care in putting the plastic strap around the back of the head after putting the goggles on the eyepiece. In other words. always put the eyepiece over the first and whilst holding it over the eyes, stretch the elastic over the back of the hand.


Sbart-Adult-Kids-Racing-Training-Swimming-Fins-Adjustable-Submersible-short-Fins-Snorkeling-Foot-Swimming-Flipper-Diving- swimming gearsFlippers are extremely useful to strengthen up the ankle region. According to experts, the use of flippers should be counterbalanced with at least as much practice again without them.






kickboard-a- swimming gearsA floats is an important artificial aid to gain proficiency in water. First cork floats were used. Now they have been replaced by floats made from non-porous foam, which is extremely lightweight and floats high on the water surface. They are easy to handle while undertaking leg movement or practicing arm movement.

there are various types of floats available. The swimmer may buy the type of a float he wants.


Jr_ Pull Buoy swimming gearsA pull buoy is an essential artificial aid to help a swimmer to isolate the arms. The devise helps the swimmer to strengthen his arm muscles and improve frequency of arm movement.

The pull buoy is placed between the thighs. This sort of restricts free leg beat, but provides buoyancy to the middle of the body so that the arms work harder. This any faults in arms movements can be corrected.



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