How To Use Swimming Drills For Endurance

Sajan Prakash of India Performing Swimming drills

A Dry Land Strength Training and Physique Carving Swim Workout That Requires No Pool. Swimming drills help to break up the monotony of swimming length after length as well as forcing you to really focus on what you are doing.

Movements- Arms and legs of all four recognised strokes – Breast, free, back and butterfly can be learnt on LAND through simple drills. The land motions have triple advantages.

First- They help pick up movements correctly if exercises are performed meticulously and systematically in the presence of the trainer.

SECOND- they help learners get swimming quicker than undertaking learning of swimming in water straight away. The most rewarding the g gain from these movements is that the learners may not pick up faulty movements or habit which, if developed, take an unduly long time to unlearn.
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Despite all these paramount gains, the coaches, trainers and instructors in this world are somehow or the other way to teach land-drills. They tend to push learners into water. Some of them quite sizable percentage – pick faulty movements resulting in toil and more for them.

The importance of land drills cannot be over-emphasis-ed. There are world renowned swimmers from Johny Weissmuller days in the 1930s to MARK SPITZ and the present day, who undertake exercises before the


How is it that understand are achieving timings which was considered virtually impossible a few decades ago?How is it that kindergarten children are breaking records which were considered ‘unsurpassable’?

  • The answer to these two question is simple. The emphasis now is on self-expression as also on regimentation. Add to it, concentrated physical conditioning in water and on land, there is nothing beyond the scope of a human being.


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SWIMMING, like any other discipline, is no longer a mere sports and passtime. It is no longer meant for amateurs; The concept has undergone sea-change and more changes are likely. Sport is now highly professionalized. As science continue to break new ground, so does sports. What was not probable decades ago is now possible, what is now being achieved will be pushed into the
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PHYSICAL workout or land conditioning has become an integral part of the swimming training programme. While the technique may be sharpened in water, flexibility, power and endurance has got to be gained through exercise on land. The emphasis on developing different muscles, needed for options use in different strokes are developed through means of weight training and not weightlifting. But, let it be Borne in mind by all pupils, young and seasoned, that land works are supplementary work to schedule undergone in water.

There is various specific exercise. They pertain to flexibility, leg action, arm action, shoulder muscles, neck exercises, trunk exercises, feet movement and many other auxiliary functions.they all need to be practiced under the guidance of an expert or team of experts. There are coaches, who may not have an intimate knowledge about physical conditioning. Therefore, pupils along with their coaches should discuss with expert before getting into gym.

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