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How To Reduce Frontal Drag Factor during swimming

How To Reduce Frontal drag Factor during swimming

Frontal Drag and Frontal Drag Factor is the common word used in swimming because at beginners stage it’s a very common issue among swimmers that how they can reduce “Drag”(Frontal Drag) to maximize their speed? but before all this stuff each and every swimmer have complete knowledge about Drag and Dragging forces. So, here we go tell you about complete knowledge about what is Drag ? and how can you reduce in best way?.

Before getting start i am going to give you and example that helps you to understand about how to reduce Frontal Drag Factor. See this Image:- frontal drag factor on different size of bodyYou can see the lowest drag coefficient measured for STREAMLINE BODY. So, you got the Solution? aren’t you ? Yes, it is Streamline Position During swimming helps to reduce the Frontal drag Factor.

“First step to become a fastest swimmer is to reduce or eliminate dragging force as much as possible”.

Frontal Drag Factor during swimmingDRAG in terms of swimming is that force which acting opposite to the relative motion of swimmers moving with respect to a surrounding water, it occurs when the body gets too low in the water during swimming which make a large surface area that pushes body in opposite direction of forward motion.A curved body produce more frontal drag than a streamline body.
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  • Best and the proper way to reduce Frontal Drag is to keep the body completely flat during swimming.
  • Try to keep your body on top of the water.
  • Rolling the body from side to side while breathing is also a very effective way to reduce body rotation for reducing How To Reduce Frontal Drag Factor during swimmingthe Frontal Drag.
  • Try to keep your body in “Streamline” position or in generally we can say Streamline position is inversely proportional to the Dragging force.
  • Using a Dome swimming cap or wear double cap is also play a role to reduce frontal drag.
  • Keep your head down during swimming do not raise your head too much.
  • Pulling water with a High elbow.
  • Shave your all body before swimming, shaving all the hair helps to reduce the drag.
  • Use latest and best quality of costume like Speedo, Arena, Tyr etc.

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  • In this given video you can find some best way to get rid of frontal drag.


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