How to Improve Swimming Speed, Train Smarter and Catch Your Goals

How to Improve Swimming Speed, Train Smarter and Catch Your Goals

You have been wondering or everyone always tries to find, “How can I get faster,  How to Improve Swimming Speed?” without ever finding a right answer? This article describes some principles that will allow you to swim faster without becoming exhausted too quickly. Below is a list of techniques and swimming tips that will help you to Improve swimming speed and faster and don’t require a ton of heavy lifting.

  1. Swimmers are always looking for a way to get a little bit of an advantage over the competition.
  2. Take 5mins a Few Times Each Day to Improve Your Flexibility.
  3. Make a habit of breathing bilaterally.
  4. Compact and Efficient Kick
  5. Using Your Core


1-Swimmers are always looking for a way to get a little bit of an advantage over the competition.

Just imagine someone who barely understands front crawl or freestyle swimming. He used to swim every day  with very detailed workouts with varying effort intervals mainly called a good structure of workout. Without any doubt, this will improve his overall muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. But this swimmer will quickly reach a limit on improvements to speed because of he was using “POOR TECHNIQUE”. And we know Poor technique will not give you best result actually in swimming, it is very easy to use a lot of energy and make very little forward progress.

2-Take 10min Each Day to Improve Your Flexibility.

  • Doing 10 minutes of flexibility work every day will yield far better results than doing stretching benders once a week.
  • Do it at night before you go to bed-When you wake up-After a particularly punishing workout.
  • Make flexibility a key component of your swimming.

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3-Make a habit of breathing bilaterally.

Muscle imbalances often lead to injury, and it can be annoying racing against someone when your good side is away from them. You don’t need to necessarily breathe bilaterally during your races, but in order to develop even muscle in your lats, shoulders, and back and even your kick, you should be making a habit of breathing bilaterally as much as possible in your workouts.

4-Compact and Efficient Kick

In Professional front crawl swimmers, the kick contributes for up to 15% of propulsion and the arm stroke contributes 85%. So an efficient kick is important to be a fast swimmer. What is equally important is a compact kick, meaning that it should neither break the water surface nor move too low below the body line. If you do it wrong than unnecessary drag is created which will only slow you down.

5-Using Your Core

This is another secret of how to improve swimming, you should engage the large back, hip and torso muscles while rolling from side to side. The synergy between your core muscles and arm muscles allows you to apply more force to your swim stroke.

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6 more tips to Improve swimming speed:

  1. Plan your meals.
  2. Do 15m  dolphin kick(underwater) .
  3. Create a positive training environment.
  4. Imagine the competition swimming beside you for an extra little kick.
  5. Decrease drag in the water.
  6. Improve propulsion in the water.

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