How To Do Backstroke Start Step by Step

How To Do Backstroke Start Step by Step

Backstroke starts can be one of the most painful — and embarrassing — things to learn. An incorrect start may result in a horrible back-flop! If you’re wondering a way to do a backstroke start, this guide has step-by-step directions for you.

Feet on top of the water line

  1. You’ll not stand in the gutter or bend your toes over the lip of the gutter.Even though the previous rule kept your feet below the water, you may still develop a solid foundation by specialising in how to position your feet. As with all starts you need to keep focused. Keep compressed and be ready to e xplode in the correct direction.
    Bend your elbows and pull body near to the wall. If your heels are touching your buttocks, though, you’re too coiled up. This can take plenty of effort to get off the wall, and it’ll feel slow. Instead, keep a little distance between your buttocks and your heels. Feel coiled up enough to spring out.
  2. Push off the wall as hard as you can. Apply this many more times, alone focusing on pushing off with power. As you push off, launch yourself backwards through the water. Once you get the hang of this, attempt launching yourself upward.

When you move to the starting position, try to not elevate yourself out of the water. Instead, attempt to draw yourself toward the wall, concentrate on the pressure on your feet. Remember, the goal could be a strong start that sends you back not up!. Regardless of whether you grip the block or the gutter, you should roll your head forward as you take your mark. Your head is sometimes the first thing to move backwards once the starter hits the beep. By rolling the head forward, you coil your body and prepare to explode all of your energy and movement.
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Remember your arms. Specialists agree that in take-off, throwing your arms over your body is quicker than around the side, but on condition that your back is arched. If you’re new to this, practice within the deep end 1st, as you’ll be able to strain and hit a shallow bottom.
Streamline. Similar to in butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle starts, your feet should enter through a similar hole created by your hands. Arch your back and your hands can break the surface, followed by your head, then your body and at last your feet, throughout the same entry. Once submerged, squeeze your head inside streamlined arms and kick hard, using your 1st arm pull to explode to the surface.

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Practice. Like anything else, if you would like to be good, practice constantly. You’ll easily turn an awkward backstroke start into a weapon of speed.

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