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How to Correct Your Breathing Technique in Swimming

Micheal phleps breathing technique

correct breathing techniqueInstead of regular workout all swimmers also be working on their breathing technique and  also thinks how to control breath during fast sprint swimming or long-distance swimming. Today I will give you some Beginner stage workout which help you a lot at beginner stage not actually only for beginner stage but also for rest of your swimming life.

swimmers practice on breathing techniquehe first advantage is that you can swim in the evening, relax and enjoy the water than in the morning. Who have chased the rush hour, as I remember finishing the swim be desperate this relaxation.When swimming in the evening to create a robust body than to swim in the morning saguaro more effective. If you swim in the evening to increase stimulating hormone involved in carbohydrate and mineral metabolism because it increases the metabolism of our body. In addition, awareness of the body is also high and the lung capacity and muscle development, to increase the flexibility of the joints called more efficiently.

So here we go….

Given workout is a combination of both Breathing technique as well as steady/Unwavering swimming. For a good kick to develop a superior rhythm for finer swimming stroke.

Increase the sets, If given workout is easy for you!

  • 300meter normal freestyle warm up.
    8 x 25meter or 4*50meter(for 50m swimming pool) freestyle sprints. restart time :30sec(25m pool) and for 50m pool it’s :45sec between lengths
    (make sure you’re at more than average your speed)
  • 100meter freestyle swimming with stroke counting per length.
    (try gliding strokes on each stroke)
  • 8x 25meter  single-breath sprints with re-start time:30sec. Single breath means only one breath while diving(start) from the block.
  • 100meter freestyle swimming counting strokes per length, this time you have to use less strokes on each length.
  • 8 x 25 yards single breath sprint, re-start time:30sec swim each length with taking a single breath
  • 2 x 200meter freestyle swimming with stroke count per length. This time you should try to keep all lengths at the same number of strokes
  • 2 x 200meter freestyle swimming counting kick timing use 3 kick for one pull.
  • 200 freestyle warm-down.

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In every pool there is a bunch of swimmer which are really good in all stroke.

McLean_Matt practice on breathing technique with coachSwimming in the morning will be effective on more diet than ever before. The fat accumulated under the skin, liver and fasting because it was way after dinner is wonderful. Converting this to calorie consumes approximately 500Kcal for one hour. Enjoy a morning swim for an hour every day for a month that consume a total of nearly 16,500Kcal. Advantage of the morning swimming compared to other sports that require little stress on joints and muscles. La liable yen immediately after the weather conditions in the muscles and joints in the body flexible easy to wear off injured. This morning jogging or swimming can be rather like a dumbbell exercises that stress the joints and muscles burden enemy to strengthen the muscles around the joints good. It ‘s not the people who suffer from spinal joint disease vain loves to swim. One of the my favorite breathing technique is “One goggle in water”

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