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How To Choose Perfect Swimming Workout


Perfect Swimming Workout strategy :- Coaching in a pool is only 30 percent effective training; 20 percent is on land, including gum-work. The remaining 50 percent training is in competitions and more competitions.

There are swimmers who are excellent in practice sessions. But they developed cold feet on blocks and flop in competitions. There are other types of swimmers. they are carefree in their work-out in water and on land. They are practicing less, but enjoying nevertheless and assimilating all the time. But they fight in competitions. Such brand of courageous and valiant fighters hit their goals. But 90 percent of Elite swimmers follow their workout properly whatever its very easy work-out or very hard.

Swimming Workouts are divided with respect to swimmers. If you are a Freestyler than you have to follow Crawl Workouts not back or Breast workouts. So, first thing you have to do before start practice is to select a PROPER WORKOUT, which helps you to make you more comfortable during training. After completing your selected workout just raise your workout level by one. This is the basic process to build a powerful endurance but These workouts can be followed in sequence.

Here is Beginner Freestyle endurance swimming workout!(if you are a novice then you have to follow this workout)

Total Meters: 600meters

  • 2 x 50meter easy freestyle warm-up.
  • 4 x 25meter freestyle counting strokes per length
    (Prefer even number of strokes)
  • 4 x 50meter freestyle(Relax :30 (restart time))
    (Good, if you smash almost same time on each lap)
  • 4 x 25meter freestyle counting strokes per length
    (Prefer even number of strokes)
  • 2 x 50meter easy swim(warm-down)

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We’ll upload rest of the workouts. stay tuned!

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