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How to Build Your Swimming Power and Endurance with Jump rope

A jump rope takes up little room and is inexpensive All you need is a rope which you can buy at the cheapest price. You can stash it in your suitcase, kit bag even your purse! Fastest Swimmer Of The Rio Olympics 2016 set a new Olympic Record in 50m Freestyle Final

Its true that not every swimming program is fortunate enough to have its own swimming pool, and that forces coaches to find another or we can say innovative ways to train their swimmers without stepping in the Swimming pool and a jump rope is good for swimmers to build power. A jump rope takes up little room and is inexpensive .

Because so many swimming teams have been forced to adapt, swimming coaches across the country have developed their own developed dry land programs for their athletes. These conditioning, flexibility and strength workouts allow their athletes to exercise the muscles and tendons(A tendon or sinew is a tough band of fibrous connective tissue that usually connects muscle to bone and is capable of withstanding tension. Tendons are similar to ligaments; both are made of collagen.) essential to swimmers without having to fight for swimming pool time for workouts.

No doubt, Swimmers train hard in the swimming pool. We spend a lot of time to refining our technique, drills and doing the variety of  sets that our swimming coaches task us with. We do more workout outside of the swimming pool, doing a myriad of activities ranging from distance running to core work to weight lifting workout.

May be your swimming coach has asked you to skip rope in the past and most of the swimmers never truly understood why their coaches asked this ?, or maybe you are looking to find a way to add to your conditioning workout in the swimming pool with something that is not only low impact, but also highly effective because skipping make your core strong and leg’s muscles too.

Key points Of Jump-Rope / Skipping

Cardio equipment is everywhere stationary bikes, treadmills but It is easy to carry jump rope anywhere and it take less space as well. It’s very cheap in price for athletic departments that may not be able to heavily invest in its weight facilities.

There’s no any secret exercise to increase the effectiveness of the jump rope, but what swim coaches must do is just monitor their swimmers individually and making sure they are using it in a way that it will safely increases their heart rates.

Your athletes would be making these strides in the pool, but regardless of how you choose to address cardio, it must be one of the focal points of your dryland program.

Enlist of the help of the school’s strength and conditioning coach to make sure you’re getting maximum effort and gains. If possible, track heart rates so you can identify which athletes are getting the most from your cardio sessions.

Fast swimmers are also good athletes. You simply need to be in order to have an explosive start and fast walls. This means box jumps, jump squats, and lifting weights in the gym.

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Benefits of Jump rope /Skipping

Stronger Bones. You might not worry about osteoporosis(Osteoporosis is a disease where decreased bone strength increases the risk of a broken bone) yet, but maybe in the near future jumping rope helped you prevent this Disease. Researchers of the University of Colorado have shown that simply jumping up and down helps to strengthen your bones and prevent injuries.

How to Build Your Swimming Power and Endurance with Jump rope

One Most Important thing you should know is Jumping rope develops your fast-twitch muscle fibers,

“People have two general types of skeletal muscle fibers: slow-twitch (type I) and fasttwitch (type II). Slow-twitch muscles help enable long-endurance feats such as distance running, while fasttwitch muscles fatigue faster but are used in powerful bursts of movements like sprinting.”

which are the types of fibers involved in explosive, high-force contractions which transfers to an improvement of skill in any activity that involves a short period of break from the ground surface in repetitive fashion, just as in running and it is good for swimmers.

Cheap. As I mention above A jump rope takes up little room and is inexpensive All you need is a rope which you can buy at the cheapest price. You can stash it in your suitcase, kit bag even your purse!

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For those swimmers who are just getting started with dryland, or who lack the facilities to weight train a skipping rope can be a powerful alternative.


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