How to Enhance Your Speed Using Breaststroke drills


Breaststroke Drills

The Breaststroke drills you need to have to carry out to enhance are broken down into several elements. The major components that you need to have to concentrate on are:

  • Arms
  • Kick drills
  • Timing drills
  • Breathing
  • Speed drills
  • Starts and Turns

By breaking the stroke down into these sections you can concentrate on a specific part until finally your do it instantly. This assists your total efficiency and we will get you through every single drill. It is not only essential to know how to complete each and every drill but also understand what every single drill is attempting to accomplish. By improving your understanding of the method you will then be ready to make changes by yourself or even get started your coaching profession!


This breaststroke drill can be accomplished as a single drill or broken up into a series of drills. You have to perform all the given drills with your 70% of your body strength. It can also be the main portion of your breaststroke workouts. The purpose of this drill is to develop} up the legs as they will be performing most of the function. In order to describe this drill, we will describe it as a 100m workout.

  1. In order to complete this drill, you will swim a single 25m lap of regular breaststroke.
  2. In the course of the upcoming 25m complete one full breaststroke cycle that is one arm stroke and one kick. Then while in a streamlined position underneath water complete an additional kick. This is basically one arm stroke and two kicks.
  3. For the following 25m you are going to do the precisely identical sequence but as an alternative of two kicks, you will perform three kicks. It is performed by completing one regular arm stroke and kick and then completing the subsequent series of kicks under water.
  4. For the final 25m, you will complete one arm stroke and four kicks. This can be challenging as you may possibly be exhausted and you now need to have to hold your breath for longer.This drill will get you into a streamlined position soon after each and every stroke. This is essential as it assists get your hips up and minimizes resistance. It also trains your kick as your legs are performing most of the work. Usually, in a 100m race your legs are the initial to fatigue but here you are coaching them to do more work in the final 25m of the race.

Breaststroke arms with fly kick

  • If the frog-leg kick doesn’t come naturally, your arm approach and entire body positioning could endure. This drill will aid you find your groove and concentrate on your upper body.
  • Do a freestyle or fly kick with this drill so you concentrate solely on your arms. Wearing fins can assist as well.
  • Imagine your arms are oars rowing a boat and focus on a narrow, sculling motion.
  • Start each stroke gradually to maximise the catch phase.
  • Once you’ve accomplished the preliminary out-sweep, begin to slow down and back as you form your pull.


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