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How to Correct Your Freestyle Swimming Mistakes

Micheal Phelps Underwater Dolphin kick technique and Some Freestyle swimming mistakes and How Michael Phelps's Body Is Made For Swimming

Micheal Phelps Dolphin kick technique and Some Freestyle swimming mistakesFreestyle will usually be the best stroke to be told, nevertheless the toughest stroke to master. With numerous small aspects of the stroke to tweak, it will take a long time to induce everything excellently. Heck, even Olympians perpetually work to excellent their ostensibly flawless strokes. Swimming isn’t specifically a natural activity for humans so finding the foremost efficient and technical way to fight the water element leads to faster swimming. There are several unhealthy habits swimmers develop that typically stem from poor adaptation to the water. Let’s see some Freestyle swimming mistakes and their corrections.

Five Common Freestyle Swimming Mistakes

Mistake 1: Head Position

Looking forward drops your hips low in the water, that creates a less ideal body position. Low hips force your back to curve. This releases your core, and causes resistance. All this implies you’ll be exerting lots of effort, however you won’t be moving very quickly. Swimming this manner is exhausting!
Always concentrate on breathing while warming up and cooling down. this can be the proper time to smooth out your breathing and relax in preparation for the technique work and main set to follow.

How to Fix

In almost all lap swimming pools, there’s a black line in every lane. while swimming race, look down at this black line. Relax your neck as you do this. you will feel your hips rise to the surface of the water. this permits you to tighten your core, which will cause less strain on your back. Swimming while looking down will ease resistance, helping you swim faster and smoother. If you’re uncomfortable looking straight down, try glancing forward at an angle. Still stare at the black line, but also slightly ahead of you. If you’re still uneasy, try glancing forward every few strokes. confine mind, though, that looking forward to even a second can drop your hips. You’ll need to break this habit as shortly as you’re more comfortable with looking down.

Mistake 2: Short Stroke Swimming(SSS)

The most efficient way to swim will involve placing the hand entry before of the head with the arm extended, and the hand exiting the water and close to full extension on the back by the hips. With a short stroke, sometimes hand entry remains correct, but the swimmer finishes the stroke early, with hand exit occurring method before the extension, in some extreme cases at waist level. This clearly reduces the length of pull, greatly decreasing the distance traveled per stroke. in turn, this implies it now takes a lot of strokes to swim an equivalent distance.

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How to Fix

A sensible drill to assist practice this good habit is the “salute” drill. while swimming, exaggerate the tip of the stroke by “saluting” as the hand exits. you may feel the ability because the hand exits and can throw water as the arm recovers forward. Another sensible habit is to count strokes per length.

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Mistake 3: Kick

There are 2 common mistakes with the kick that tend to be related: weak kick and over-kick. If you have got ever grabbed a kick board and tried using simply your legs to get across the pool, you most likely noticed you don’t move very fast. Kicking with bent knees doesn’t expeditiously propel you forward. Instead, it causes resistance within the water, deceleration you down while you exert lots of effort. Again, this may be very exhausting

How to Fix

Kick from the hip, and straighten your legs. It’s easier to kick with straight legs if you retain the kicks small and fast. this sort of kick is much additional efficient, saving you energy while speeding you up. If you’re having bother getting the kicks down, observe a couple of laps with a board.

Mistake 4: Swimming Flat

Swimming flat implies that your belly is often pointing down toward the bottom of the pool. As you’re taking arm strokes, your body doesn’t rotate to ease the pressure on your shoulders. This strain on your shoulders will cause serious injury: From rotator cuff problems to tendinitis.

How to Fix

Rotate your shoulders. On the arm stroke, extend your hand all the way in front of you till you feel your body roll onto your aspect. during this position, your axilla ought to be facing toward the lowest of the pool. check that you’re keeping your core tight to create the rotation smooth. Rotating with a good core will be easier on your shoulders and back. As you pull past your hip, paddle sharply through the water to help roll your body onto your different side.


Mistake 5: Breathing late During swimming

breathing late will throw off your entire stroke. You don’t need to breathe when your hand exits the water. Your arm is going to be in the way when you decide to breathe in this position. due to where you’re in the stroke, there’s no propulsion in your higher body to raise your head for the breath. this is often very tough to do!

How to Fix

Breathe as you start the pull. when your hand has entered the water and you begin to pull water, begin your breath. Once your hand exits the water, roll your head back into the water. breathing while pulling lifts you up in the water. This makes it abundant easier to breathe. you’re less probably to swallow water if you breathe throughout the pull, too. Another additional bonus: There’s no arm in the way!


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