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Butterfly Swimming Training with Optimum Technique

michael phelps during his Butterfly Swimming Training

There is few things keep in mind before butterfly swimming training- Butterfly is not actually very difficult to swim “IF YOU DO IT RIGHT“, if you don’t do it right then yes it can be pretty harder to swim but if you do it right you have to keep certain thing in line then butterfly can be a interesting stroke to learn and also lots of swimmer love to learn butterfly swimming stroke. Butterfly is a ‘SHALLOW’ stroke can be swim at the surface of the water.

There are two shakes legs for each stroke. The first shake occurs when the arms enter the water; and second, when hands push back on the stroke. The leg movement originates from the hips. The two shakes are not exactly the same. The first kick is also driving to raise the hips and the second shake serves to lift your hips and stabilize the body but not driving, at least as much as the first. Other swimming style coordination is not as difficult and butterfly must have strength and coordination is complicated so you step but a very good product to learn the step by step.

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Butterfly Swimming Training is performed as follows:-

Butterfly Swimming Arms and Leg movement:
The arms enter the water slightly bent at the elbows, with the hands first thing that comes into contact with water. With elbows up and hands out.
Butterfly Swimming Training part3Immediately after the first-hand contact with water extend arms and hands start moving outward, pushing the water down. Continuous bending elbows hands leads to almost come together under the body and the height of the abdomen with elbows bent almost at 90 degrees. The hands will continue pushing back to her hips in a circular outward and upward movement.
From the moment the hands enter the water, chin gradually rising to the point that the face out of the water just before the outlet water hands. Butterfly Swimming Training part2
In the recovery of the arms, elbows out of water while your hands are ending the upward sweep and have to flex slightly during its forward motion to prepare for the entry into the water.Must from the movement of arms, look for the optimum thrust do not concentrate on the kick because once worked coordination stroke will naturally.

Butterfly Swimming Training part3
1. You place yourself in the position of arrow crawl.
2. You start the dolphin kick (the dolphin kick is the only challenge that has to be done for the butterfly technique, does not have to do anything more).
3. After the second stroke perform the butterfly stroke.
4. The butterfly stroke is done like this: you do a double armful of crawl and you put your arms around the water again. At the end of the stroke as 2 kicked another look.
Swimmers who get a kick and respiration do that have already taken prior preparation.

 Some Drills corrective work or exercises such as:
1-One arm pull other – both for coordination

2- Breathing every 2 or 3 strokes and keep the waterline.
3-Butterfly chest to concentrate on stroke and not stay afloat.
4- Drill with pull buoy.
5- Doing exercises fatigue technique helps perform correctly.

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