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Improving and Mastering in Breaststroke

Breaststroke is one of the most inefficient swimming stroke as well as slowest of the four strokes. It is also the secret to a successful Individual medley(IM). Additionally, it is the one stroke that appears to come and go like the wind and is probably one of the most difficult to master.

Usually, breaststrokers start the pull too early, throughout the moment of one of the most effective pressure from the kick. If the hands separate out front ahead of time, after that the drag coefficient increases again and also the force of the kick is squandered on a bad body position. It is important that the breaststroker is patient sufficient to take advantage of their kick throughout the strike stage by having the chin down almost touching the upper body under water, the hands held with each other out front and the shoulders pushed forward as far as possible.
The quick arm-recovery breaststrokers do exactly that. They get their hands promptly with the pull pattern. The delayed arm-recovery breaststrokers either never drop the arm joints(elbow) on the pull and also bring the elbows further back behind the upper body, recovering with the majority of the lower arm over the water or slow down the hands over the water prior to pushing them ahead right into the frontal streamline. Breaststroke3
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•Preliminary position, you remain in a horizontal straight position on your belly. Your arms are close with each other and also expanded forward, hands encountering downwards. Your head remains in line with your trunk, and also, you look straight down. Your legs are compressed and your toes are pointed.
• The energetic stage of the arms begins. Your hands turn in an outward direction, your arms separate, and your body develops the Y-like form in the water.
• When your arms are exterior of your shoulders, your elbows bend, as well as your hands continuously move backwards. Your knees begin to bend as well as your feet start to recover in the direction of the buttocks.
•As soon as your hands have passed behind your shoulders they move in the direction of each other instead of backwards till they meet under the upper body.Breaststroke2

    • As your hands move in the direction of each other your head and your shoulders rise above water, as well as your feet remain to move in the direction of the buttocks.
    • Your upper body goes to its acme when your hands have met below your upper body and your feet are at your buttocks.
    • The propulsive stage of the legs begins. Your feet kick backwards and apart while your arms prolong forward under water. Your upper body, as well as your head, decline in the water again.
  • When your legs are totally prolonged they are brought together. Then you glide for a short interval of time.


Due to the fact that the timing of breaststroke is so vulnerable, it provides itself to doing drills greater than another stroke. We practice several breaststroke drills dealing with the basic principles of a strong kick.
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  • […] Breaststroke is the most inefficient and slowest strokes among all other 4 swimming stroke. It is also the key to a successful IM. Breaststroke is a swimming style in which the swimmer is on his or her chest and the torso does not rotate. It is the most popular recreational style due to the swimmer’s head being out of the water a large portion of the time, and that it can swim comfortably at slow speeds. In most swimming classes, beginners learn either the breaststroke or the freestyles swimming first. However, at the competitive level, swimming breaststroke at speed requires comparable endurance and strength to other strokes. Some people refer to breaststroke as the “frog” stroke, as the arms and legs move somewhat like a frog swimming in the water. The stroke itself is the slowest of any competitive strokes and is thought to be the oldest of all swimming strokes. Proper Breaststroke Techniques Are So Important… […]