Biasness In All India University National: Watch Video

Biasness In All India University National: Watch Video

This news is coming from Chandigarh, where the University National Games are being played at Punjab University, Prithvi Mahesh has shared some videos on Facebook, seeing that the competition is not being fair, and some swimmers take advantage of it. As the people have said, some swimmers of Punjab University are taking a jump in the pool before the whistle, , but the official was absolutely silent, because the swimmers are student of the Punjab University(organizing university) , as you can see in the video itself that 2 swimmers took the jump before the whistle sounded and the main thing to consider is that both Swimmers also became shortlist for the final, and all these things are being Continued for last several years, in 2016 due to the fault of management team in Punjab University, the swimmer was called in the 200m backstroke final which was out in the heat. Swimmers have been cheating in the 50m fly in both the years 2016 and this year, both swimmers were from Punjab University and both year University National competition was held in Punjab University. But no action has been taken so far.

From Prithvi Mahesh Facebook

Currently the University nationals are taking place in PANJAB UNIVERSITY Chandigarh. From 26 to 30 of oct 2017 .These videos I have uploaded are from this meet. The first one is from the heats and the second one is from the final. Third video is from last year which was held in same venue.In the first video it is clearly seen that two swimmers have taken a fault start and surprisingly were not disqualified and one of them even went on to take a medal in the finals. In the second video the first three places are quite evident to me, but I would like to know who you think came in the top three positions in the comments below. This unfair results have been happening from quite some time in the university nationals and it is time that somebody voices it out loud. I do not intend to point fingers at anyone or hurt any sentiments. My objective is just to have fair play and non bias results in the sport I love.

Shruthi Mahalingam

It’s really disheartening to see such unfair practices being OVERLOOKED and sometimes even ENCOURAGED because of some silly need for points or medals for that particular participant. Such shows of partiality must be discouraged. Please share this post to raise your voices against such acts till it reaches the right people.

From Olympian Sajan Prakash Facebook:

See the video


Copy The Link And Tweet To Our Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathor(

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