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What is the benefit of stroke analysis?

What is the benefit of stroke analysis?
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Most swim coaches can stand on the deck and develop a fairly good idea of what their swimmers and triathletes are doing or not doing. What is the benefit of stroke analysis? or What is the benefit of stroke VIDEO analysis?

The following are a few examples of what you can more aptly catch with video stroke analysis:

  • Head Positioning
  • Stroke timing and Hand entry
  • The catch phase
  • Shoulder positioning with shoulder rotation
  • Hip rotation along
  • Body positioning
  • Breathing pattern
  • Pull
  • kick

“take time to analyze your stroke”

The best swimmers in the world continuously analyze their stroke technique and refine their training. Small adjustments in stroke technique can improve stroke efficiency and overall swimming velocity to reach optimal performance. In swimming, efficiency is everything.

What is involved in a swim stroke analysis?

  • Evaluate your functional movement patterns, motion limitations, and muscle imbalances.
  • Prescribe swimming specific physical therapy that matches your needs.
  • Videotape and evaluate swim stroke in the pool.
  • Analyze and discuss your stroke.

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The smallest improvements in stroke technique yield enhanced efficiency and propulsion. Most swimmers rely on external indicators like stroke count and pace to measure progress and improvement. These high-level metrics are great, but nothing beats seeing your stroke. Our certified swimming coaches have years of experience analyzing thousands of swimmer’s strokes and races. Our team uses advanced slow-motion analysis, graphical illustration, and audio voiceover to deliver the ultimate video review so you can swim smarter and faster than ever before!

Maybe you are not a good swimmer

The headline is a little weird, right? But it is also true for swimmers of all levels | If you are from swimmers background does not mean you have all perfect swimming technique if you do not understand what you’re doing wrong or how it will Improve your stroke then you will take much time to become a good swimmer. According to my understanding, the best way to analyze your swimming technique is to make a good quality video and share it with your coach or some senior swimmers. And discuss on How to improve your mistakes and just start work on your swimming mistakes.

“The more you know about something, the more control you’ll have on that thing”

“Refraction at the boundary between water and air bends light and causes objects and depths to appear shallower than they actually are. If a swimmer’s legs appear 20 cm below the surface of the water, you won’t be far off by doubling your estimate.”

In addition to the altered perception above the water, observing a swimmer at actual swim speed is difficult at best. It’s nearly impossible for the human eye to catch and analyze motion in split-second intervals.

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So, how do you expose the good, the bad and the ugly of a swim stroke?

Video stroke analysis is simply the best way for any athlete who is looking to improve overall stroke technique to meet that objective. Video stroke analysis gives the coach the opportunity to view a swimmer at a multitude of angles, speed, and positions to better assess their unique strengths and weaknesses.

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