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How To Become a Better Competitive Swimmer

Katie Ledecky won the 200-meter freestyle - USA Winter National Swimming Championships 2018
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No matter what level of Competitive swimmer you are, you are engaged in the same pool in the swimming pool that you improve your stroke. Even if you do swimming to keep your body fit, but still you are looking for some new method so that you can get it done faster. A swimmer can become Competitive swimmer/an elite swimmer. The only difference is that if swimmers work hard in the right direction, then it is possible.

So let’s see some special tips that will help you or your swimmer to be an elite swimmer.

  • First, you have to join a swimming club.
  • You have to create a group in the swimming club.
  • Participate in every competition with a good swim team.
  • Analyze your stroke
  • Quality will be more than quantity
  • All the important Factors must be understood on flip turn.
  • Know the drills and its benefits before workouts.

Elite Swimmers/  Competitive swimmer remind themselves of why they are there each day, despite the challenges. Keeping goals in the forefront of your mind keeps you motivated each day and reminds you of the purpose of practice.

Focus on specifics in practice: This means you need to pick things that you want to work on and do them every time you are in the water. A good example of this would be working on your underwater kicking. Whenever you do a turn in practice, you should focus on doing 3–5 kicks off every wall (or kick out past the flags if you prefer to go by distance). This can work for many other things (breathing patterns, head position, stroke technique elements that you want to implement). Never give yourself an excuse not to do whatever it is that you are focusing on. Eventually, it will become second nature.

Make sure that you talk to your coach about all of these things! He/She may have good suggestions that I have left out of this, and even if he/she has nothing to add, it will be good to have him/her aware of what you are working on.

I hope this helps!

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