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9 one-line tips to How to Become a great swimmer

Katie Ledecky won the 200-meter freestyle - USA Winter National Swimming Championships 2018
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No matter what is your level in swimming, you can always try to find some best ways to improve your skills in pool. Whether you join swim for enjoyment or exercise. learning how to swim better will help increase your movements by streamlining your body, strengthening your muscles and joints, and utilizing swimming equipment. It’s important to know how to swim at your best, for emergencies and for not having to do an awkward doggy-paddle in front of your friends. Here are 9 one-line tips to How to become a great swimmer :-

  1. Join a Group or Get a Coach
  2. Join a swim club
  3. Join a swim team or attend stroke clinics
  4. Learn your strokes.
  5. Choose Quality Over Quantity
  6. Learn flip turns.
  7. Find and register for swimming lessons, classes, clinics, and races near you.
  8. Swim drills and time yourself.
  9. Learn how to time yourself.

Do you know:-Benefit of stroke analysis?

Join a swim club at an early age to become a great swimmer

When you do not have any friend to talk with at the swimming pool, swimming can feel like a chore, and a lonely one at that.  Joining a swim club and Going to work out with other swimmers might score you. At the very least, you’ll make friends who share your desire to become a greastes swimmer or a better swimmer. This will lead to a sense of accountability, something that really helps when dragging yourself out of bed at five early in the morning.

Leave the comfort of the small pond

Leave the comfort of the small pond to compete against the big fishes for the first time. Realize how much more work there is still to be done. Have parents or some good friends who are not only supportive of your goals in the swimming pool, but will always drive you to practice hard for your goals.

Support from friend

If you are committing yourself to something physically demanding, it might be good for you to have a good person who will support you throughtout your entire session of practice. This person doesn’t need to do the exercises with you, but they’ll merely act as a support system if you become discouraged they always try to motivate you and always puss you forward. Having a friend who is willing to commit to a swim routine with you is an extra bonus and a good friend. They console you after a bad swimming meet, and help guide you during the most trying periods of training of your career.
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