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Under Water Arm Sweeps and Single Arm Backstroke is the one of backstroke swimming drill to learn to swim backstroke. Underwater arm sweep swimming drill lets you practice both balance and the under water movements of the arm stroke. All the backstroke drills you practiced up to now focused on balance while using a flutter kick for propulsion and it is important now. Keep in mind that the arms always remained static. And now you’ll start to add arm movements to your stroke. To keep things simple you’ll only move one arm at a time and also only practice the under water portion of the arm stroke And second Drill i.e, Single Arm Backstoke will be there after you complete reading Under water arm sweep swimming drill.

Swimming Drill Instructions

This drill is an extension of Hand-Lead Side Balance. So the beginning is exactly the same as normal backstroke:

  • Go to the shallow area of the swimming pool.
  • Lean on your back side.
  • Start to flutter kicking.
  • Get into a horizontal position on your back side.
  • Roll on one of your sides.
  • Extend one arm overhead.
  • Keep the other arm at your side.

And when you are balanced and comfortable in that position,Just do the following Steps:-

  • Angle your wrist so that your palm is facing backwards.
  • Start to push backwards against the water with your hand.
  • Execute the propulsive under water arm sweep.
  • Keep the other arm at your side.
  • Both arms should be at your sides once you have finished your arm sweep.
  • Now extend your other arm overhead, then execute the arm sweep with that arm.

Repeat these points

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Single Arm Backstroke Drill:-

  • Go to the shallow area of the pool.
  • Lean on your back.
  • Push off the ground.
  • Start to flutter kick.
  • Keep both arms at your sides.
  • Get into a horizontal position on your back.
  • Your head is aligned with your spine and you look straight up towards the ceiling.
  • Once you feel balanced in that position, extend one of your arms forward under water. You’ll keep that arm in this position for the rest of the length.

Start the recovery above water with the other arm, using a correct technique:

  • Your arm starts extended along your side, with the palm turned inwards.
  • Your arm exits the water thumb first and elevates in a circular movement until it points straight up, at a 90° angle with the water surface.
  • Your arm continues its half-circular movement forward, and the palm starts to rotate outwards.
  • Finally your arm enters the water in front of you with the pinky finger first.
  • Your other arm doesn’t move and is extended forward all the time.

Once you’ve finished the arm recovery, your active arm starts its propulsive under water phase. You practiced this in Under Water Arm Sweeps:

  • Your arm is extended forward.
  • Angle your wrist.
  • Turn your palm so that it is facing backwards.
  • Bend your elbow and start to push backwards against the water with your palm and forearm.
  • Sweep backwards with your arm until your hand arrives at the level of your hips and your arm is straight again.
  • At that moment, exit the water thumb first with the active arm and start the recovery.

You should change the active arm with each length. Please practice this swimming drill until you can keep your balance from head to toes all the time, even during the arm recovery above water.

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