15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps

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15 Interesting Facts about Michael Phelps

15 Interesting You Didn't Know About Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps
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1. Phelps was born in Baltimore, MD, on June 30, 1985, and is the youngest of 3 children. His mother is a highschool principal and his father was a policeman who nearly played football for the Washington Redskins. Phelps is six feet, four inches tall and weighs 194 lbs.
2. According to his mother, Phelps was a restless, high-energy kid who had a problem focusing at school. while within the sixth grade, he was diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and began taking Ritalin. The drug reportedly helped Phelps concentrate on his studies, but he felt shamefaced having to go to the college nurse every day for a pill during lunch period. So, he stopped taking medication at twelve years old and threw himself entirely into swimming, treating his condition with intense physical coaching and psychotherapy instead.




3. With his six medals in London, Phelps would rank thirteenth in the overall medal count, tied with Netherlands, Ukraine and 2016 host country Brazil.
4. Only eight countries have won as many golds in London as Phelps.
5. There are forty-eight men’s swimming events contested within the 3 Olympic Games since Phelps started winning golds. he is medaled in twenty-two. that is forty-six percent! keep in mind he was only completed in twenty-four. Michael P. is now going to participate in his 5th Olympics this year at the age of 31.


6. Phelps has as many gold medals (18) as the other Olympian in history has regular medals (Larisa Latynina, 18).
7. Latynina, Carl Lewis, Mark spitz and Paavo Nurmi have the second-most gold medals in history. They each have 9, 1/2 Phelps’ total. scan that once more. He has DOUBLE the quantity his closest competitors have.
8. 81 % of Phelps’ medals are gold. None of the next twenty Olympians with the highest medal counts have as good a proportion as that, and only Carl Lewis (nine golds in ten medals) has a higher ratio in the top forty.
9. The male swimmers with the next-highest career medal totals have precisely 1/2 Phelps’ total. Mark Spitz, Matt Biondi, and Ryan Lochte all have eleven.15 Interesting Facts about Michael Phelps
10. At the age of seven, he started swimming mainly due to his sisters and also to vent out his energy. it absolutely was while watching Tom Malchow and Tom Dolan compete within the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta that Phelps dreamt of making it huge by turning swimming into his professional choice.
11. When he was seven, he was tentative to place his head under water, hence, was asked to float around on his back. And as a result of this, the primary stroke he mastered was the backstroke.
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12. Phelps was arrested twice for drinking and driving. Once in Salisbury, Maryland and then once more in 2014 in Baltimore. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to serve eighteen months probation, punished $250 within the former and was suspended from all competitions for 6 months after the second incident. In 2009, a photograph was also revealed of Phelp smoking marijuana.
13. With a net value of around $55 million, he’s counted among the richest Olympians ever. He has endorsed for Subway, Hilton, Speedo, Visa, Omega, Power Bar and Matsunichi. Phelps prefers wearing a pair of swim caps in order to disembarrass wrinkles.

14. In Beijing throughout the 200-meter butterfly, his glasses filled with water, but he was unable to get rid of them because they were thus firmly affixed to his head. Still, he didn’t let the fact that he was swimming blind stop him.
“I dove in and they filled up with water, and it got worse and worse throughout the race,” he said. “From the 150-meter wall to the finish, I couldn’t see the wall. I was just hoping I was winning.”
Phelps wears a second swim cap over the first to rid wrinkles and build himself more mechanics within the water. It’s additionally the way to stay glasses tighter, however, will generally cause issues also.

15. Because of his achievements, he’s often known as “Iron mike.” His teammates known as him ”Gomer” and other nicknames are “The Baltimore bullet” and “the flying fish”.

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