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Staying within the comfort zone is a one way ticket to Boresville. Each day challenge yourself within practice; there are fewer things more rewarding and more motivating than being able to say that you have done something for the very first time, or done something better than you ever have before.

  1. What’s your vision?
  2. Color the choices
  3. Finish what you start.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people
  5. Challenge yourself on the regular
  6. Catch up on your sleep.
  7. Develop positives from your setbacks
  8. Stop thinking about your big goals.
  9. Link up with a teammate.
  10. Write down your goals for the week
  11. Chase mastery
  12. YouTube some of the sport’s epic performances.
  13. Pick a quote for each day.
  14. Create an environment that promotes success.


Write out what you want to do with your swimming career. What do you want to accomplish? Go to the Olympics? Win state champs? Anchor the relay team? List out all of the cool stuff that you want to do with the sport. Don’t overthink it – dream away. Just make sure you write it down. Thoughts come and go, float away and get forgotten. Put it down to paper.

Being surrounded by people who are constantly digging at one another (and you), complaining, and being otherwise unawesome is a true bummer. Not only is their negativity infectious, but it takes your focus off of the things that matter. Like your goals. Seek out swimmers and peers that have a positive outlook, and don’t engage people who live to complain.

Similarly to choosing a peer group that infuses you with positivity, create an environment around you that encourages success. Having your goals posted up somewhere prominent is a good start. What about some motivational quotes and swimming posters of your favorite athletes? What about the foods and liquids you keep in the fridge? Look around you and ask yourself, are there things I could be doing to create an environment that make it easier for me to succeed?

There are fewer things more crushing to a swimmer’s confidence and motivation than not completing what they set out to do. When you tell yourself that you are going to complete a workout, finish a cycle of training, or complete a team commitment, hold yourself to it. The moment that you become overly flexible with your personal integrity is the moment that your word becomes worth next to nothing. Exceptions create room for more exceptions.

Stay positive in the middle of the storm. Is this a broad point? Yes. Is it simple? Maybe. But is it hilariously and overwhelmingly effective? You know it. A tactic that I have seen to be effective in creating a more positive head-space is the “Hello-Goodbye” technique. The next time you have a negative thought, recognize it (“Hello!”), and then promptly wish it happy trails (“Bye, bye!”). By being conscious of those nasty thoughts, and then dismissing them will do wonders to keep you in a more positive, motivated state of mind.

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